Match Attax National Tour

If you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids next week for Half Term, I’m sure  they will love you forever if you head on down to the Match Attax Tour which is travelling up and down the country all next week.

You’ll have the chance to swap and trade your cards with other players to build up your collection, and as you can imagine there will be tons of  Match Attax fan’s itching for someone to match against. As a bonus incentive if you win a one off challenge against another competitor you’ll be able to take on the Match Attax Master. If your lucky enough to win you’ll be coming away with the elusive Match Attax Master card and also a place in the Hall of Fame.

At the events in London, Liverpool and Newcastle you’ll even be able to mix with the real stars of Match Attax, some Premiership footballers. They’ll be there to meet the fans and sign their cards.

I just wish I lived closer to London and could take Thomas to see Heurello Gomes as he’s a big Spurs fan and he would really love this event.

The Tour will be stopping off at the following locations:

• Sat 23rd Oct Edinburgh (ASDA, Edinburgh Supercentre)
• Sun 24th Oct Glasgow (ASDA, Maryhill)
• Mon 25th Oct Dublin (Smyths Toys, Blanchardstown Centre)
• Mon 25th Oct London (ASDA, Park Royal) with Heurelho Gomes of Tottenham Hotspur
• Tue 26th Oct Belfast (Smyths Toys, Shane Retail Park)
• Tue 26th Oct Birmingham (Smyths Toys, Castlevale Retail Park)
• Wed 27th Oct Manchester (ASDA, Sportcity)
• Thu 28th Oct Newcastle (Smyths, Team Valley Shopping Park) with Kevin Nolan of Newcastle United
• Thu 28th Oct Liverpool (ASDA, Hunts Cross) with Tim Howard of Everton FC
• Fri 29th Oct Bristol (The Entertainer Toy Shop, Cabot Circus)
All of the events take place from 10am – 4pm.

Match Attax 09/10

Playgrounds all around the country are buzzing at the moment with excited boy’s chattering about the big news of the week, the new Match Attax cards are finally here!

For parents of young boys between the ages of approximately 6 – 14 these cards are all your going to here about for the imminent future. With the planned media blitz starting this week, you’ll no doubt be sent on endless errands to pick up the latest magazine or newspaper carrying free promotional cards.

Just like last season there are a few prized cards which will be available only in limited quantities.These cards are the like holy grail for young boys, and like Indiana Jones they will set out on a quest to find them, stopping at nothing till them get them in their mitts.

This year the most wanted cards are going to be

  • Rio Ferdinand           –     Card can be found in the Collectors guide
  • Tim Cahill                   –    Card can be found in the Starter pack
  • Frank Lampard         –    Card can be found in the Tin
  • Javier Mascherano  –     Card can be found hidden in plain old Match Attax packets
  • Shay Given                 –     Card can be found hidden in plain old Match Attax packets
  • Van Persie                  –     Given away in Match of the Day magazine 13.10.09
  • Kolo Toure                 –      Limited number available in packets given free by Match Magazine 20.10.09
  • John Carew              –      Kick Magazine 11.11.09

A new feature for Match Attax this season is Live player ratings. There are 25 players in the collection who’s cards stats change weekly dependant on their real performance on the field. Every Wednesday the Match Attax website will be updated to show the new ratings, ready for school ground matches Thursday morning.

Also new are i-cards. These special cards enable you to enter a code online and add this player to your virtual team. With your team you can then take on your friends from your computer, competing in matches and cups with other online players. Their are 40 i-cards to find hidden in your packets.

If your unsure how to play the game here’s a quick roundup of the rules. Every player is rated out of 100 in defence and attack on their cards. You need 14 player cards to start playing the game, which is your starting 11 plus 3 subs.

In your Match Attax album you will find your playing pitch, complete with subs bench. Each player must be situated in their correct position on the playing pitch, just like the real game. After deciding who goes first by flipping a coin, You choose a player card and state whether you want to defend or attack, your friend then has to choose the opposite option from his cards.

At the same time you then turn your chosen cards over, Whoever has the best statistics based on your card ratings either scores or saves the goal. The winner of the previous card draw gets first pick next go. And basically that’s the rules of the game, simples as a certain TV meerkat would say.

Match Attax are also embarking on a uk tour  over the half term holidays of various toy shops up and down the country. So check out the website for dates and venues, and meet other players in your area for swapping and matches.

Match Attax is always tremendously popular, so you’ll need to be quick to pick to pick up the magazines with limited editions and free packets as they will be flying off the shelves as I write!

Match Attax Extra – Official Limited Editions

With the latest set of Match Attax Extra cards flying off the shelves, and also being one of the most popular searches on my site.  I thought i’d just write a quick post letting everyone know where to get the special limited edition cards from.

The new Match Attax Extra Starter Pack is the place to find the limited edition Dimitar Berbatov card. Also comes with the collectors guide and special collectors binder.

The Match Attax Extra Tin holds the exclusive Craig Bellamy limited edition card. A really nice box for keeping all of your collection together.

The Carlo Cudicini card is available from Martins & McColls stores. The El Hadji Diouf card is available from W H Smiths, and the Emile Heskey card was given away with the Match of the Day magazine dated 10/03/09.

Happy hunting!

Match Attax Extra and World Championships 2009

There’s some serious trading going on at the moment, no not in the stock markets but in the playground. 

Match Attax football card’s are big business, and there’s even special sessions where you can go and swap with other collectors and complete your dream teams.

To further your collection and improve your chance of victory Match Attax Extra has just been released, complete with official limited edition cards,new club signings, hat trick heroes, club captains and fans favorites

Topps are also running the first ever Match Attax World Championships, with regional heats being held up and down the country during April and also all around the world.

With the grand final being held on the 24th of may at Fulham FC. Check the website for full information about dates and times.