Nikko VelociTrax – Review

IMG_1582Jacob and I have been taking advantage of this beautiful weather to get outside and review a new gadget sent to us.

We were thrilled when we were asked by Toy State to become a brand ambassador for them, and our first review sample we were sent was the Nikko VelociTrax.

The Nikko VelociTrax is a remote control futuristic looking car or tank style vehicle. It looks really good. We both loved the colours, and Jacob loved the big track wheels as he has a thing for tanks.

To be honest we have bought him remote control cars before, I think we’ve had 2 in the 10 years he’s been born, and neither we got along with. They have always been a big hassle to charge, or too complicated to control.  However I had high hopes for the VelociTrax as the controls looked pretty simple: Plus as he’s older I thought he should have more patience to persevere and learn to handle the controls.

Right out the the box first thing it needs is charging. Luckily it only takes an hour to charge, and apart from that you only need 3 x AAA Batteries for the Controls.

Officially the run time on the charged battery is 20 minutes. We’ve hammered it for a good 30 minutes at a time and it hasn’t died on us yet. So I’d say 20 -30 minutes playtime would be about right.


The controls are easy enough to use, but driving and steering does take a bit of getting used to. Each side of the controls works one of the tracks.

It’s easy enough to start going forward in a straight line, but once you veer off slightly, it’s so hard to right again. We just saw it as part of the fun, you never know whats going to happen. 

On the box it’s advertised as a multi terrain vehicle. It’ll go over most things, we found it good even over grass, only the really long grass caused it problems. We were spinning it over tree roots, kicking up some dust on gravel pathways, flying over hilly bumps, Through puddles, up slopes. It really does great over most terrain. Plus it’s so robust that there is not a scratch on it even though we really put it through its paces.

The spinning element, is one we really enjoyed. It will perform 360 degree spins at incredibly high speed. So even if it does get stuck along the way it can spin itself out of trouble.

As you can see from the video the Nikko VelociTrax is insanely fast. Honestly one slight movement of the controls and it simply flies off. Thats’s possibly one caveat I would put on this toy, It’s not for indoor use in my opinion. It is so fast there is no way to control it indoors unless you have a massive room with nothing to knock over (which I do not!) It is however an absolute blast to play with outdoors. 

We have had a brilliant time getting to grips with the Nikko Velocitrax. The one thing that really struck me when we were out testing it, was the look of pure joy on my sons face. Everytime I looked over he just had a huge grin, enjoying every moment : and theres not much more of a recommendation from a moody 10 year old who acts more like a teenager than that.

Enjoying the sunshine with our new toy

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Thanks to ToyState for sending us the Nikko Velocitrax for review