Star Wars Clone Wars Light Up Scooter – Review

For the past few weeks we’ve been testing out the Star Wars Clone Wars Light Up Scooter from Ozbozz.

As you’ll already know Thomas is already a massive Star Wars geek, and Jacob is quickly catching him up (hence the T-shirt!)

From being a household without a scooter, we’ve gone to having 3 now in a matter of months. Jacob mostly uses the younger Mini Micro Scooter , but Thomas thinks he’s a bit big for that at nearly 6 so we bought him a cheap 2 wheel scooter to get along with. Now we’ve added the new Light Up Clone Wars scooter to our collection, I’m afraid the other 2 wheeler doesn’t get a look in, even Jacob can’t resist taking it for a quick ride whilst Thomas isn’t looking.

For starters it looks amazing, the graphics going all the way down the handle all the way to the footplate are incredibly vibrant and illustrate the Clone Wars universe beautifully.

However the staring feature is the Bright Red Light Up LED strip along the side of the footplate, It really makes this scooter stand out and get noticed. Obviously in very sunny conditions the lights don’t really do much, but in most light conditions and especially the dark they look very cool!

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The lights can easily be turned off and on via a button underneath the scooter, but be warned that if your kids are anything like mine they will soon find it and be turning it on again as soon as it gets turned off. The Lights were certainly the Highlight of the scooter in my boys eyes, and they weren’t ever being turned off.

Apart from the graphics and flashing LED’s, it’s operates just like any other normal scooter. It folds and locks into place for easy transportation, you can adjust the handlebar height quickly and simply, and the brake is applied by pushing down over the back wheel.

We’ve been using the scooter for around 3 weeks now and haven’t had any problems as yet. Despite wanting the flashing LED’s on at all times whilst scooting along, the 4 AA batteries which I installed when it arrived are still going strong. The only slight problem I’m having is referring the fights my boys are having over whose turn it is.

If just looking for a scooter there are so many different types and styles out there to choose from, however if you’re looking for a scooter for a Star Wars or Clone Wars fan this has to be the one to go for! My son said he feel’s like Darth Vader and Darth Maul rolled together riding it, and that’s the kind of praise money just can’t buy.

Mini Micro Scooter – Review

Thomas has been bugging me to get him a scooter for ages, and Jacob has become quite attached to one in the nursery, so when the opportunity came around to review a new Micro Scooter it was just perfect for us.

We were sent the Mini Micro Scooter T-Bar in blue to test out, and immediately I was impressed. As soon as the courier delivered the box to us, the boys spied the scooter picture on the outside, cue 5 minutes of running around the house screaming with happiness!

I was a bit worried that after all this excitement I wouldn’t be able to put the scooter together on my own, and that the boys were going to be disappointed they couldn’t play straight away. Luckily for me all that was needed was to slot the steering handle into the base and we were done, I was so relieved, and the boys were ecstatic to be riding around scooting within 10 minutes of delivery.

When the initial scooting started, Thomas’ first question was “How do I steer it?” Well it does take a bit of getting used to. The Mini Micro has been developed with the help of Swiss medical experts to help toddlers develop balance and co-ordination skills, and they came up with the method of tilting the handlebar to control steering rather than the tradition twisting.

Once you get used to the way the Mini Micro turns it works really well, you just lean in to the side you wish to turn. Both Thomas and Jacob were very quickly Micro Scooter experts, and down the park showing off their new skills to their friends.

I was very happy that the Mini Micro was suitable for both Thomas who is 5, and his 3-year old brother Jacob  to use. You might think that as his younger brother had been using it Thomas might think it was too young for him, but because it doesn’t look at all babyish and rather is very stylish and cool, they have in fact been fighting over it. I think Jacob is very happy that he gets to ride the same scooter as his big brother, he looks very proud when it’s his turn.

The Mini Micro scooter is advertised as being suitable from children from 3-5, but younger  toddlers who are confident walking should also be fine with this scooter. If you have older children who want to get in on the Micro Scooter fun don’t worry, there is a Maxi Micro version which is ideal for 6-12 yr olds and even aluminium scooters big enough for you and me!

I would recommend the Mini Micro Scooter to anyone looking for a scooter for their toddler which is safe, easy to learn, and looks very very cool!

For more information on Micro Scooters log onto

John Crane and Tidlo – Timeless Toys

Tidlo is the new name for John Crane’s own brand of toys previously known as Branching out. Having seen some of the new range myself at London Toy Fair last month, I can very happily report back that Tidlo will still carry on the John Crane tradition of brilliantly well made, colourful and fun wooden toys, thankfully only the name is changing.

Tidlo is derived from the danish word Tidlos meaning timeless, hence the tagline Timeless Toys. When I first heard the name I instantly liked it for some reason it made me think of tiddlers, so I think it’s a nice and original name for a children’s toy range.

Some of my favourite Tidlo products from Toy Fair were the Motorbike balance bike, SQIJ blox, High tea shape matching cupcake set, and the gorgeous kitchen station (I can only dream of having a real kitchen as nice as this one).

Much to my relief the arrival of Tidlo does not mean the end of Pintoy, John Crane will still be distributing this great range.

John Crane will also be distributing Lilliputiens, an amazingly gorgeous range of young children’s soft toys all created by a group of belgian mums.  This range  is so much fun, full of beautiful quirky and individual toys. My highlights of the Lilliputiens range are the Little Doctors set, the too cute baby handbag and the huge Walter Dragon cushion.

John Crane had a great stand at Toy Fair and thanks to the lovely Helen for showing me around.

Just can’t wait to get my hands on some of those great products now!

Top 10 Toddler Toys for Christmas 2010

Here are my predictions for whats going to be the most requested toys from Santa in the Christmas of 2010. Buy gifts for the Toddler set, can sometimes seem like a thankless task. To young for the majority of things, but with a strong desire to be one of the big kids, toddlers can be a tricky bunch to get right. This is my list of hopefully foolproof Toddler gift ideas, Check out the other lists here:

Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Mack’s Road Trip

I love Duplo! It’s a guaranteed Toddler Pleaser.

Safer for little ones as it’s chunky and with no small parts, but with all the fun of Lego construction still intact.

This fun set includes most of the main players from the movie Lightning, Mack and Sheriff, Only Mater is missing from the party.

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Dancing Timmy

Timmy Time’s preschool hi jinks are probably my favourite part of my kids Cbeebies viewing (and I think they quite like it as well).

This cute Timmy doll is all dressed for a proper hip hop style dance off. With his Trainers, Baseball cap and gold medallion, he looks every bit the budding rap star ready to bust a move.

In fact he looks just like the sheep on the cover of his favourite album from the Timmy Can’t Dance episode.

Your Toddler will laugh and dance along, as Timmy dances to his two included music tracks.

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ZingZillas Big Zing Playset Another of my childrens Cbeebies faveoraites are the ZingZillas, Even more so after we got to see them live! I’m predicting that The Big Zing Playset will be one of the big sellers for the Toddler set this Christmas. Complete with all the essential components needed for the Big Zing, like the Beach Byrds, Moaning Stones and the all important Coconut Clock.

Each member of the band will even sing their line of the theme tune when you plug them into their space on the stage.

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All Around Chuggington Interactive Playset

Ok this is my last Cbeebies inspired choice I promise.

The All Around Chuggington interactive Railway is bound to be a sure fire hit with your young Chuggers.

The trainees recognise the environment around them such as knowing when they get to the fuel depot or saying hi when they pass Vee. They even sing a little Chuggington, just like the theme tune when the pass through the tunnel.

Pressing their funnel allows you to hear plenty of your chuggers famous phrases. The trainees even recognise each other and have fun conversations and games together.

They’re are a few different sets out at the moment, but this is the definitive Christmas gift for your young Chugginton fan.

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We Really Did It Dora

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dora the Explorer, Fisher Price have released a new dancing Dora doll for 2010.

Listen to Dora sing the all new ‘We Really Did It” song, which will be premiered in the newest Dora movie “Dora’s Birthday Adventure”.

Dora has 4 different modes of play

  • Teach me
  • “We Did It Dance”
  • Strike a pose
  • Say it 2 ways

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Handy Manny’s 2 in 1 Transforming Tool Truck

Still a firm favourite in the Toybuzz household, is last christmas’ Handy Manny Transforming Truck.

Although this one is from last year, I still think it not only makes a great present for the young Handy Manny fan, but also for any young pre-schooler who has a penchant for building and fiddling with things.

Pop open the bonnet and get to fixing the radiator, engine, Battery, Spark Plug and Air filter.

Pull Manny’s Workshop out of the back of the truck, and help Manny and the tools fix the Toaster, Clock, Camera and Fan.

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse World Playset Now another toy from a hit Playhouse Disney show, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This pared down version of the more expensive Clubhouse Playset incarnation, is without the lights and sounds of the original, but still features everything your toddler needs to have some great fun with Mickey and the gang. Mickey, Minnie and 12 accessories including the Mousekadoer are included. The playset features the seven distinct areas of the clubhouse from the TV show, like the garage, Mousekadoer room, Observation desk and Glove Balloon to name a few.

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Cars Piston Cup Garage Finally a garage made for Disney Pixar Cars fans!

Through the garage you can take a ride around the whole of Radiator Springs.

Visit Luigi’s Tyre shop, Fillmores Gas Station and then Lightning reaches the Winners enclosure and Helipad at the top of the garage.

Unfortunately the garage doesn’t actually come with any of the Diecast Cars, but i’m sure your little Cars fan will have plenty ready and waiting to take a trip around town.

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Fisher Price My Baby Walk and Giggle

More than just a pretty face, the Little Mommy My Baby Walk N Giggle doll has more than one trick up her sleeve, she’s got over 60 actually.

She sings and says over 60 fun sounds, phrases and songs.

Watch your little girl laugh and play mum with her new baby, as she goes from sitting, to standing, then walking and sitting down again all on her own. No help from Mummy required.

She comes with a blanket, bottle, dummy and toy doggy on a lead amongst many other accessories.

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Baby Annabell Battery Operated Scooter

This practically perfect Pink and purple Baby Annabell Scooter, will be your little girls dream machine when she spies it underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

With a sidecar attached just big enough for her Baby Annabell doll, the two of them will be able to travel on many adventures together in comfort.

As well as the space for Baby Anabelle, there’s also a storage compartment behind the drivers seat for those all important travelling knick knacks.

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Radio Flyer

Whilst flicking through the John Lewis catalogue yesterday I came across the lovely Christmas section, with a huge Christmas tree and presents arranged beautifully underneath. Then my eye was caught by a pile of presents skill-fully loaded into a red wagon, it was a Radio Flyer trailer! Just like in the movies.

Even though I’m not American and the Radio Flyer is not at all a part of British culture, I’ve always loved these things! I’ve grown up watching cheesy John Hughes American movies, and these things have always featured somewhere. I’m pretty sure Kevin McCallister in Home Alone must have had a wagon to keep all of those traps and gadgets in.

So I was really surprised when I saw that the Radio Flyer wasn’t in the picture for artistic effect, but you could actually purchase these now in the U.K.

Why couldn’t someone have told me this sooner?

I’ve got so much stuff already, there’s no room for a big red wagon this year. I wish I’d known sooner, as I would definitely have got one for the boys (me!) for Christmas.

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So after doing my research (nosing round the online shops). I’m shocked by how many Radio Flyer things there  are now, I always picture the boy pulling the classic red wagon and the little girl riding the trike with the ribbons hanging from the handle bars but now there’s so much more.

Possibly my favourite find is the Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon, I think if I was going to get one wagon this would be it.

I love the way that it can be used as an ordinary wagon for transporting toys and things, and also as a fun way of getting the kids around too.

The wagon floors lifts up to make two separate seats, both complete with seat belts and the all important juice holder.

I can just see my kids having a blast riding around in this little beauty on trips to the park and family days out.

You can also get a handy canopy to keep your wagon and it’s contents either dry on a wet day or in the shade on a sunny day , whether that be your treasured teddy bear or even the kids.

Ducati Toys

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that my youngest Jacob loves his Motorbikes! Well any vehicle to be exact, but possibly Motorbikes the most. I finally relented and have bought him the Handy Manny Fix It Right Motorcycle from the U.S, and will write up a review as soon as it arrives.

So having a mini Motorbike enthusiast for a son means that toy’s connected to motorbikes catch my eye quite often. Flicking through my edition of Mother and Baby yesterday, an advert for Chicco toys caught my eye. Especially their range of Ducati branded toddler toys! They looked so good I thought I’d take a closer inspection, and obviously fill you all in at the same time.

I love this mini Ducati Monster, it’s looks so cute! I can just imagine my little one sat on it, looking moody in a tiny leather jacket. I especially love that it’s a ride on for toddlers that doesn’t look to babyish, this will last from the minimum 18months until they are at least 3 or 4 and wont be cast aside because it’s for babies (like The ride on Thomas the Tank engine we had).

It has two sets of wheels to keep it extra stable for the little ones, and when they get a bit more adventurous you can remove the extra pair.

Loving the engine noises it makes too, whilst baby wheels around! My boys are having balance bikes this year, but if I was in the market for a ride on I think this would be perfect.

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I’d previously been looking into getting the R/C version of the Ducati 999 by Chicco for Jacob this Christmas, but Handy Manny’s Motorcycle adventure put paid to those plans (which is a bit of a shame as I know he would have loved it). This remote control motorbike is made especially for little speed demons as young as 2 years old, although i’m sure dad and big brother will enjoy playing along too! The chunky controls are prefect for smaller hands and with two simple buttons sending the bike left/right, forward or back it’s simple enough for little ones to get the hang of easily and quickly. The controls are also shaped like a mini version of the handlebars which is really cute.

You can be sure your mini Rossi will love the realistic Ducati engine noises it makes when it races around too!

You can get the Chicco Radio Control Ducatti Bike from the Entertainer.

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Another great Remote Control product from Chicco is the Ducati Grand Prix, a scalextrix like track for toddlers to race their Ducati’s around.

It comes with two infrared remote controlled motorbikes, and a simple figure 8 track complete a tyre bridge which is my favourite piece of detailing.

The motorbikes can also be used off the track too, which is handy.

The track has groves cut into it, to make it easier for little ones to keep their bikes on the track.

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And finally here’s one for the big boys! A battery operated Ducati Monster Ride on from Peg Perego / Mamas and Papas.

I really can’t believe how realistic it looks, it’s just like the real thing.

You get real sounding engine noises, horn and even hand grip accelerators.

Suitable from 3 years old, it also has removable training wheels for learner drivers.

Headlamp on the front is a great safety feature, but also looks really cool too.

Being a nice red colour I can see both boys and girls loving this bike.

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I really didn’t know there was so many Ducati toy’s out there, so here’s hoping you’ll have found something to keep your little petrol head happy!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Disney Pixar Cars Fans

Okay so Cars may have been released in 2006, but it’s still a big player in the kiddies toys and gifts department.

Kids just can’t get enough of Lightening Mcqueen, Mater, Doc Hudson and his friends.

And as time goes on the merchandise keeps growing and growing. They definitely arn’t resting on their toy laurels, there is more cars stuff out now than ever before.

So on that note I had a nosy around the virtual shops and decided to make the definitive list of the top 10 toys this year fans of Disney Pixar Cars want to see wrapped up under the tree this Christmas.

Walking Talking McQueen

Watch your child’s eyes light up when make their Lightning Mcqueen walk and talk all on his own.

By moving the levers on his back up and down, you can make Lightening move around the room and say many of his famous catchphrases.

This toy will be lots of fun on Christmas morning for sure.

Tractor Tippin’ Track Set

Recreate the classic Cars movie moment where Frank the combine harvester chases Lightning and Mater through the corn field.

This set comes with an exclusive Lightning Mcqueen and Frank the harvester with Spinning blades.

Vtech Lightning McQueen Laptop

This fun laptop in the shape and style of loveable Lightening McQueen makes learning a blast.

Packed with mini games that teach Letters, Vowels, Numbers, Logic and memory accompanied by fun animations and sound effects.

Has a Qwerty keyboard and the ingenious design sees a wheel become a mouse.

3D Character buttons take you directly to their fun mini games.

Mega Bloks Cars Piston Cup Race Set

Their are several different sets available in the Mega Bloks Cars range, but this one is my favourite.

Capturing the main event of the movie the Piston cup in all it’s glory.

Comes with buildable versions of Doc Hudson, King and of course Lightening.

You even get your own miniature Piston cup, how cool is that!

Battery Powered Lightning McQueen Ride on

OK so if you’ve got the room for the youngsters to go speeding around, how great would this be!

Their own battery powered version of their favourite movie hero, just waiting to take them on a spin around Radiator Springs.

Cars Play Tent

This pop up tent is a quick and easy present to set up on Christmas morning.

More than just a normal tent, it has a roll up door and is styled to look just like Mack from the movie.

With the added bonus of the portable soundmat, you can activate three movie related sounds.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Micro Scalextric Cars Race O Rama

Every little boy dreams of a Scalextric set for Christmas don’t they. And this Cars Race O Rama set wont disappoint.

Lightning races Chick Hicks round the Piston Cup circuit and onto the wilderness of Radiator Springs.

Realistic barriers and Big Screen all add to the excitement.

The color coded controls are also easy to use and the perfect size for small hands. Suitable from 3 years and up.

Cars 19′ HD TV and built in DVD player

wow, this is a great TV and the perfect gift for any Cars Fan’s bedroom.

It has a large 19′ LCD screen, is HD ready and has a built in DVD player.

What more could you ask for?

In the shape of Mack the Trailer, it’ll fit in perfectly with a Cars themed room.

The remote control takes the shape of Lightning. Ker-chow!

Cars Driving Game

Perfect for smaller racing fans, get into gear and burn rubber with this fun driving simulation game complete with realistic steering wheel, brake and gear stick.

Will delight young learner drivers with amazing sounds and effects.

Also fully portable, so your little one could even take it on car journeys and become a fully fledged back seat driver!

Cars Aquadraw

Aquadraw is a great present for creative young minds. Brilliant as it’s guaranteed no mess and no fuss, so you can just let your kids imagination go wild!

This special Car’s version comes with fun Cars designs decorating the Aquadraw mat. Either use the regular aquadraw pen or use the roller to create tyre tracks and watch as Lightning Mcqueen follows your path.

Perfect present to get out on Boxing day when the excitement has wained and everyone needs a couple of hours peace.

Kiddimoto Review

So I ordered the Kiddimoto on a Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday which I think you’ll agree is pretty speedy. Well done Firebox!

Anyway it’s taken me an age to get a bit of free time when I wasn’t suffering sleep deprivation to put the bikes together, but this weekend was the time to finally get the boxes out of the cupboard and do a bit of DIY balance bike style. Okay so it’s not technically DIY, but it involved a screwdriver so that’s good enough for me. I’m claiming it as DIY.

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As soon as you open up the box, the Kiddimoto looks amazing. It also looks practically complete, which is a relief for a DIY disaster mum like me. All you need to do is fit the handlebar, and the wheels and then that’s it, all done.

The instructions are easy to follow, and it literally only took me 10 minutes tops to read the instructions and get it put together. There is only 4 steps you need to follow, so it’s really simple.

The Kiddimoto is suitable from 2 years old and up to a weight of nearly 6 stone, so going by average child age and weights it should last your child until around 6 years old.

Once fully assembled I was slightly concerned about the size of it. It seems very low to the ground, and not very big. I’ve got some concerns that my 4 year old might be too tall for it. However looking round at photos and videos on the Internet it seems that I’m thinking in terms of it being a proper bike, which it isn’t. It’s a balance bike, and because your child needs to scoot along the floor to make it move, it has to be lower to the ground.

If your not familiar with Balance Bikes they are basically your child’s first bike but without pedals. A training bicycle that allows your child to learn balance and steering without having to worry about pedals or brakes, all the motion is done by moving their legs along the floor. Eliminating the pedals or stabilizers make children concentrate more on balancing and gain more confidence, and generally move onto a normal bike quicker and without the need for stabilizers.

I cant wait to see the reaction the Kiddimoto gets from Thomas Christmas morning, it just looks so cool he is sure to be wowed. Styled to look like a real superbike even down to the exhaust pipes.  I’m seriously considering returning the TP balance bike I bought for Jacob and getting another Kiddimoto. It really does look that good.

Obviously waiting for xmas means that I haven’t had a chance to see the boys test drive the balance bikes yet, but I’m sure when I see the boys using them at Christmas they’ll be zooming about in no time.

How many more sleeps is it now?

Razor Spark Scooter

Yesterday i extolled the virtues of the bike as the child’s best Christmas present, after I bought balance bikes for my two boys. I am now here today to say that the humble scooter must be a close second.

They are ever popular with kids of all ages, you can’t walk down a street without seeing a child happily scooting along…sometimes at high velocity into your direction.

If your looking for a scooter for your youngster for Christmas, look no further than the Razor Spark Scooter for the ultimate  present.

The Razor Spark is a street scooter turned up to 10! This amazingly cool (in the eyes of your 8 year old) scooter actually fires sparks from it’s rear.

By simply  adding a strip of flint to a peddle on the back, the Razor Spark has transformed an average scooter into a turbo charged rocket ride. Okay so it’s only cosmetic and doesn’t actually make the scooter go any faster but who cares, it looks good.

The removable flint block on the peddle bar is good for 1.5 hours of continuous sparks, although I doubt that would be recommended by the manufacturer. The Razor comes with a spare flint included, and additional packs of 2 bars are available for purchase separately when you need them.

It’s not just all about the Sparks, the Razor is the best selling scooter in the world! superior in quality to other cheaper copycat versions, the Razor is a high quality piece of kit. Built of aircraft grade aluminium and with hard wearing urethane wheels, the Razor will stand up to the riggers of childhood and provide a smooth ride whilst lighting up the pavement.

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I think you’ll agree that the Razor Spark is no ordinary scooter, and if your child has a scooter up on their Christmas list this one has got to be the one!

Balance Bikes

Just this minute finished the very last of my kids Christmas shopping Hurray!!

Me and hubby were looking through the list of xmas gifts and saw lots of smaller gifts, but no big Christmas present. So we decided to order both of the boys a new bike, Jacob only has a kiddie trike and Thomas’ Scooby Doo bike seen much better days. I think a bike is always a good big Christmas or birthday present, every kid loves a bike don’t they.

After looking into a few different options we settled on getting them both a balance bike. A bit different to a normal bike I know, but we haven’t got that much room and Thomas’ just bangs into stuff by peddling to fast. Were hoping that he will slow down a bit as he has to propel himself along the floor, and learn to stop crashing into things. Jacob can’t peddle yet anyway, so he was just using his feet to get around just like he will need to on the balance bike.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Seeing as they are both different ages, we couldn’t get them both the same bike although I would have loved to get them both the Kiddimoto (it looks soooo cool!). We went for the Kiddimoto for Thomas in Kawasaki Green and the TP Toddler Balance Bike for Jacob, as it’s suitable from 18 months.

Hoping to have them delivered this week, and get them set up asap so I can write a full review of the both of them.