Peg Perego John Deere Gator Ride On

When we go and visit the mother in law on a Sunday Morning, we always go to the nearby retail park very early before all the shops have opened and go and get a Latte from Starbucks.

As nothing else is open, we often see the maintenance man driving round on his John Derre Gator, picking up litter and checking up on stuff. My boy’s are just fascinated by the maintenance guy and his little runaround vehicle, they both love it and wave frantically when they see him. So when my eldest saw this the other day he just went wild, it’s been the preferred topic of conversation for days.

Suitable from 3 years old this pre-schooler sized version of the famous John Deere Gator is the perfect gift for your little Old macDonald or Tractor Tom. With it’s electronically controlled dumper, just like the real thing your child will just be amazed with their own mini version.

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With it’s top speed of  4.5mph or slower speed of 2.25mph, a play ignition key and a working horn, it couldn’t get any more like the real thing.

I’d love to be able to get this for my little boy’s, but sadly we are seriously lacking in outdoor space to play with it. I would even consider just getting it for trips out to the park, however it’s never going to fit in the tiny boot of my Corsa. So my little one’s will just have to dream for the moment… but hey the minute I win the lottery and buy my country retreat, this will be my next purchase!


All I could think of when I saw the neighbours kid’s on this was, “why didn’t they make these when I was there age?!”

The Dareway is a stand up vehicle that can transport you forwards, backwards, left, right or even spin you round 360 degrees. In a Purple and Pink version for the girls, and  Grey and Black for the boy’s it’s every 8 year olds dream Christmas present. There is even a Ferrari version for little Lewis Hamilton’s.

Suitable from 5 years and upwards it’s easy to use and features a relatively quiet motor and electric brake and progressive foot acceleration.

It states on the website that the Dareway is not to be used on public roads or highways, however our neighbours son always does and it isn’t too loud. I think it would be great for taking down to the deserted supermarket car park on an early Sunday morning and having a zipp around, or even just zooming round the patio in the garden.

My son isn’t quite old enough yet but maybe in a few years time it’ll be on the Xmas list, but they’ll probably have hoverboards and everything buy then!

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