Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter – Review

The Amazing Spider-Man was one of the most anticipated movies in the Toybuzz household this summer. After the thrill of watching the Avengers on the big screen, we all couldn’t wait to see what the reboot of Spider Man was going to be like.

Obviously we all loved it, I thought Andrew Garfield did a really great job as Peter Parker. There was however something Jacob was looking forward to nearly as much as the movie itself, New Spider-Man Toys!

So imagine his delight when we were sent The Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter from The Disney Store for us to review.

The Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter comes with the strap to the wrist web shooter, and 5 web bullets. It doesn’t however come with the Spider-Man Glove which is a bit disappointing. However if you have another of The Amazing Spider-Man toys like the Dual Web Blaster you can use that glove with the Rapid Fire Web Shooter just fine.

I’m sure this is true of most young boys, but Jacob has a real love of toys which include flying projectiles. Nerf guns especially. So the Rapid Fire Web Blaster is the best of both worlds for him, combining his love of Spider-Man with his attraction for fast flying bullets.

The fact that it fits on his wrist and he can flick his fingers and make the webs fly just like Spidey is his favourite part. Ever since we went on holiday 2 years ago and met Spider-Man there, the special thing he does with his fingers has been an important part of Spider-Man to Jacob. Spider-Man spent about 5 minutes showing Jacob how to do the web slinging fingers properly, and it really stuck with him.

The web’s you shoot are obviously not webs but plastic darts. This didn’t hamper Jacob’s enthusiasm though, he didn’t question why they weren’t real webs or anything.

The one drawback we found with the darts is the colour. They are a really light grey colour, and almost immediately one got lost.  So be careful to keep an eye on where you are shooting, as you could have a hard job finding them again afterwards.

The box specifically mentions not to use any other darts in the product, so apart from getting replacements from the manufacturer you’ll have one less dart.

Take care whilst reloading. I very nearly got hit by a bullet whilst loading the shooter, so now always point the web shooter down whilst loading bullets, and make sure you read the instructions (which I initially didn’t do and that’s why I nearly got hit). Rotate the barrel of the shooter manually when reloading, not by pushing the release button. The Bullets can fly out at you if you press the button down, they will not when you turn the barrel manually.

Another thing to be aware of is the speed and velocity in which the web bullets are fired. They are very fast and travel a long way (4m), so make sure that your youngster knows never to aim at the face or eyes as it could be quite dangerous.

The recommended age is 5+ and I think that is a good call by Hasbro, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving it to children any younger. My Jacob is 5 in 2 months, so I think he can be trusted, but he still has to be well supervised with it.

In my opinion it’s not one for the youngest of fans, but Spider-Man lovers over 5 will really appreciate being able to sling webs just like their hero.

Thanks to the Disney Store for sending us The Amazing Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter for review.

The Amazing Spider-Man Dual Web Blaster – Review

As most parents of boys will attest, the Spider Man phase is a rite of passage for a little one. I don’t think I’ve met a parent of a young boy yet who says their son hasn’t had or isn’t in a Spider-Man love fest.

My youngest is in his Spider-Man phase at the moment, and luckily for him his brother has grown out of him a bit, so he has lots of passed down toys and figures to enjoy. Even so he was over the moon last week when we were sent the new Amazing Spider-Man Dual Web Blaster by The Entertainer toy store to review, anything new and Spider-Man gets a double thumbs up from Jacob.

Firstly I’ll be honest The Amazing spider-Man Dual Web Blaster was a bit of a mixed bag. If Jacob could type and write his own review, it would be totally different to mine. Me as a parent, and him as the fun Spider-Man loving kid has totally different reactions to this toy.

First impressions were good. There is no setup so to speak, you just put on the Spidey glove, clip the pieces to the armpiece and your ready to go. Literally takes 5 minutes from out of the box to web slinging.

As you can figure out from the name, this blaster has two different ways of shooting webs – Either Spidey Shot Web Fluid or Plain ol’ Water. Initially I thought this was a brilliant idea, save Jacob’s crying when he’s out of the Spidey web stuff as you can just go and use water instead. So before giving the web blaster to Jacob, I decided to check out the Web blaster for myself, with the Web Fluid solution.

This is when I started getting a bit disenchanted with this product. The Web Fluid is a bright blue spray, which squirts out reminiscent of silly string but drys sticky and spongy when it’s landed and set. I took the blaster out the garden and had a little go, ended up spraying all of my ornamental stones blue, and now I can’t get them clean. It’s definitely not something I would want the kids spraying each other with so I just hid the web fluid away and told him it was just a water pistol.

Thankfully this part of the toy I do really like, and Jacob absolutely adores this toy, he hasn’t stopped playing with it for days. Outside of course! He’s been outside all wrapped up in a coat and wellies, shooting his water blaster around happy as larry.

The web blaster works by turning your wrist over like Spider-Man does and pulling a little lever to squirt the water out. Jacob really did feel like he was Spider-Man spinning webs when wearing it. We did find that the water does tend to drip on the glove a bit, so the gloved hand will get wet. It wasn’t a big deal though, Jacob hasn’t complained about it.

So all in all it is a bit of a mixed review. As a parent I’m not overly pleased that we could only use the Dual Web Blaster one way, and if you had an older child they would probably question not using the web fluid and get upset over it. On the other hand Jacob has had such fun using the Web Blaster with just water. I can see him using it over and over again, and he will be in his element when we get some nice weather again.

Thanks again to Entertainer Toys for letting us review the product.


Top Ten Toddler Toys for Christmas 2012

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for me to get rubbing at my crystal ball and start predicting what your little darlings would love to see Santa to leave for them underneath the Christmas Tree.

Right now im up to the Toddler list, and will be adding the Baby list over the next few days.

Check out the other lists here:

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As always the lists aren’t in any sort of order of importance, it’s just the top 10 things that I think most of the Toddlers will be after this year.

On Site JCB Toy Range

Boys in general love their big machines. They also love getting messy and muddy.

This probably explains the attraction of the JCB’s, the little ones can’t seem to get enough of them.

I can remember how into JCB’s my little ones used to be, although there wasn’t many toys around yet we had a JCB DVD and watched it over and over and over again for about a year.

Thankfully for parents nowadays there is an amazing range of JCB toys for toddlers, and it’s called JCB On Site.

There are 4 vehicles available in the My 1st JCB On Site range. Joey JCB, Marty Mixer, Dan Dozer and Doug Dumptruck.

The big hitter of the On Site range is the My 1st JCB On Site Charlie Crane Playset, which is the work site where all the vehicles can come together to work.

The set comes with a talking Charlie Crane with a motorised winch, plus a Joey JCB and work site foreman figure.

Designed especially for smaller hands, The JCB On Site range is a great starter toy for your vehicle loving little wannabe builder.

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Ready Teddy Blast Off Charley Bear

You just gotta love that bear! Well that’s certainly true if you’re a pre-schooler anyway.

This really cute reproduction of the rocket ship Charley uses when he goes to play ball on the moon, will delight you fans of the show.

Open the door of the rocket ship and you’ll find an adorable little astronaut Charley Bear figure.

Sit Little Charley Bear down into the revolving pilots seat and then whisk him off up to the top-level of the ship, the control room

Theres a secret door inside one of the rocket’s boosters for Charley to either hide inside, or to hide away his important things safely away for the journey.

The 3 rocket boosters make great carry handles, and a sturdy place for little hands to hold whilst whizzing the Rocket through the air.

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Spiderman Go Glow Pal / Hello Kitty Go Glow Pal

If your little ones are anything like my two were, night-times were always a bit of a problem due to them being afraid of the dark.

They have never been totally terrified, but during the darkest nights of the winter sometimes the nightlight on the landing wasn’t enough and we had a few tears.

That’s why I think the Go Glow Pals are such a brilliant idea. Every child loves going to bed cuddling their favourite toy anyway, so it seems silly not to combine the friendly cuddly toy and reassuring nightlight.

The G0 Glow pals will provide a comforting light to help your little ons to sleep, but helpfully turn themselves off after 15 minutes, so you know the lights not going to be on all night.

It also helps them settle themselves back off to sleep, as if they wake up they can just cuddly their toy and the light will come back on for them.

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Lego Duplo Disney Princess

It’s been a long time coming I feel, but now there are finally some lovely girly sets of Lego coming out.

Until now the toddler Duplo range has primarily consisted of Police stations, Fire Stations and Farms. So the new Disney Princess Lego Duplo sets are a welcome addition to the range.

The big set of the range is the Lego Duplo Cinderella’s Castle

This gorgeous big bricked castle is exactly the toy that little girls and their mums have been waiting for.

The set comes with a Mini Cinderella and Prince Charming figure. Cinderella has a removable dress for dress up play.

The castle has two levels, a staircase, large castle doors, a fireplace, chandelier and two cute beds.

Suitable for children from 18 months to five years, this is a lovely Lego set that will definitely see lots of use.

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Tidlo City of London Train Set

A good old wooden train set has been the go to toddler toy for generations. Both girls and boys alike enjoy playing with Train sets, and mums and dads approve because they last for years, and are beautiful to look at.

This is especially true, if you pick a set as visually stunning as the Tidlo City of London Train Set.

The track is the simple figure of 8 with a bridge and tunnel. However the train running along this track is a little different to the norm, it’s actually a tube.

It’s the wonderfully detailed building which you place around your tube track that makes this set a cut above the rest.

The London Eye, The Gherkin, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, all these instantly recognisable landmarks are here, plus lots more.

It’s an utterly beautiful wooden train set, and would make an exquisite Christmas gift for any toddler.

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Baby Born Interactive

Ever since they were first released, the latest Baby Born doll has been up there on practically every little girls christmas list.

This year Baby Born has gone Interactive, with more surprises and interaction than ever.

Firstly your little girl needs to choose between the Baby Born Interactive baby boy and baby girl, and then the fun really begins.

As with other versions your Baby Born will cry, need a wee after feeding, eat from her spoon when you feed her. You can even give her a bath.

It’s when you add her with some of her other Interactive accessories that the Baby Born Interactive really comes to life.

As you pop her into her Cabriolet, the lights will flash, horn will beep, and the engine will start.

With her Interactive Cabriolet, Scooter, Kitchen and Horse, you and your Baby Born will never be bored.

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship Bucky

From the immensely popular Disney Junior show comes the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Musical Pirate Ship Bucky.

With over 25 sound effects, this toy Bucky is just like the one from the show, and it will delight young Jake fans.

Place Skully on top of the bird’s nest as lookout. What’s that? He’s seen Captain Hook?

Time to load the cannon with the water bombs, and watch them really fire.

If that doesn’t work place Jake on his special hotspot and watch Tic Tock Croc suddenly appear out of his hidden trap door.

Slide Jake down the indoor slide, and he’s ready to set sail.

Comes with a Jake figure, Skully figure, 3 water bombs, and Tick Toc Croc who pops out of a hidden door in the base of the ship.

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Minnie Mouse Bowtique

It may only be a series of a few short cartoons on the Disney Junior channel, but the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique already has its own toy line! And it’s huge!

There’s plenty of sets to choose from, all would be very much welcome on any toddlers Christmas list

Theres the Fashion on-The -Go Bow-tique – In which you can dress Minnie and her models in a variety of outfits. The set resembles a wheeled suitcase when all closed up.

Fairy Bow-tique Dress Up doll  – Where you dress up a Minnie Mouse doll, in all manner of fairy accessories.

The Minnie Mouse House Playset – This lovely Lilac house has four rooms, tons of accessories, and all folds up when playtime is over.

Cake Bow-tique – Welcome to Minnie’s cake shop. A lovely little store full to the brim with cupcakes, muffins and cookies. Comes with over 20 accessories.

Pet Bow-Tique – This mini pet grooming salon is probably my favourite of the Bow-Tique sets. Comes with Minnie, Figaro and Pluto figures.

Princess Bow-Tique –  These snap on dresses are brilliant for smaller hands. Dress Minnie up as a beautiful princess. Pick her princess outfit from the choice of hats, bows, dresses, and shoes.

For a small Mouse, Minnie certainly has a lot of business going!

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Imaginext BatCave

In a way I feel really weird putting this one on the list, as I’ve been blogging about it for years, and I think it’s been on the last two years going.

It’s not a new toy just out, but it is still amazingly in demand, and is still just a simply brilliant toy for toddlers.

Full of tricks, secrets and gadgets as you would expect coming from Batman, the Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave has to be one of my favourite toy of the last few years.

Use your included Batman or Robin figure to active one of the five gadgets by placing them on the activation disks.

Open the Batcave entrance, Use the claw, Imprison a prisoner, fire the missile launcher, Theres so much fun to be had with this SuperHero gift.

The good thing about the Imaginext Batcave having been around for a while, is that the range has grown over the years. Now there are a huge number of villains, figures, vehicles and even new playsets available to make your DC Superhero playtime experience even more immense.

The Riddler, Joker, Me Freeze, Penguin. They are all available as Imaginext Villain Figures for your little crime fighter to collect.

There is also now brand new this year the Gotham City Jail playset to house all those nasty villains in.

Also new the Imaginext Batman Gotham City Playset which is a mix of all things with a Bank to rob, Wayne Tower with a Bruce Wayne figure that you can turn into Batman, and a jail cell to put the Joker away.

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Disney Princess Magic Tea Set 

 I can still remember playing with my Disney tea set when I was a little girl.

So when I saw this updated and jazzed up 2012 version, I just had to put it on the list.

This very magical tea-pot will make sounds and music as you pretend to pour out the tea to your fellow princesses.

Once poured, stir your tea with the special spoon and the liquid will look like its swirling inside the cup.

The inside of the tea-pot lid doubles as a magic mirror. Which one is the fairest of them all? Why you of course!

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Remote Control Walking Iron Man 2 – Review

As with most boys of his age I imagine Thomas’s current favourite thing comes and goes faster than those Amazon Black Friday deals, but two things have remained pretty constant since he’s been able to talk and decide what he likes for himself. Whatever is currently the next big thing in his life, Scooby Doo and Spider Man have always been near the top of the pile.

His love of Spider Man slowly evolved into a full blown love of comic books and the anything Marvel Universe, probably because he realised the amount of merchandise he was missing out on sticking with just the one guy.

His love for Marvel even led to us travelling to Florida on holiday this January and spending 2 weeks in the Universal Orlando Resort in the Hard Rock Hotel, just so we were as close to Marvel Super Hero Island as possible. Every day we had to have a wonder around looking at all the amazing comic book scenery, and ride the Spider Man ride at least once. Luckily as a family we have all caught a bit of Thomas’ Marvel love, and didn’t mind at all.

So of course when I was approached by Hasbro to review the new Remote Controlled Walking Iron Man I just had to say yes, he’d never speak to me again if I passed this up!

As soon as I opened the brown paper and say Iron Man in the box, I was in awe. He looks amazing, and the packaging is so cool. He was also very easy to get out of the box thanks to Hasbro’s new environmentally friendly packaging. Hasbro are removing plastic wires and ties and replacing them with paper rattan ties. Plastic Ties are very much a bug bear of mine, I don’t know why no toy company has done this sooner. The new ties are so much easier to untie, and I very much hope that other toy companies take notice and follow suit.

Iron Man comes complete with his 4 AA batteries, although you’ll have to find 2 more for the wrist strap enabled remote control. However if you do forget Christmas Day won’t be totally ruined as you can make him walk and fire his missiles by pressing the trianglular Arc Light button on his chest.

The most fun is to be found when using Iron Man with your remote control. Although the strap wouldn’t fit around my wrists, my sons skinny arms fit perfectly. It was so cool watching Thomas directing Iron Man to blast out some missiles, he even lifted up his arm at the same time. The missiles come out at a tremendous speed, so I would suggest that younger children will need to be well supervised when playing with Iron Man and the missiles. I will probably let Thomas use them when I’m playing with him, and just let him use the walking Iron Man when I can’t be around full time to supervise.

Seeing Iron Man walking is very cool. He does fall over every now and again, but once you get used to using him you can see when it’s going to happen. If he stops awkwardly midstep then the next time he walks he’s going to topple over. I’ve taught Thomas that when he stops walking and is wonky to straighten his legs back together, this means that he wont fall and Thomas got the hang of this really easily.

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To add to the fun Hasbro have included some carboard cut outs of the films villians for Iron Man to battle. We had a great laugh watching Iron Man blast his missiles and knock over Whiplash and the the Military drones. The cut outs were a very nice touch, but being a big Marvel fan Thomas had plenty of other foes for Iron Man to take on. Hulk for one got on the wrong side of Iron Man, and ended up with a missile in the face.

For a big Iron Man fan like Thomas this toy was just perfect. It’s as if Hasbro gave him a pad and a pen and said draw what the best toy ever toy would look like!

I can imagine lots of little boys up and down the country agreeing (plus some older ones as well!).

I’m back and I have more toys!!!

Well I know it’s a tad belated but Happy New Year!

OK I know it’s February now but this is the first time I’ve been able to have a sit down and actually do some writing this year.

When I left you it was just before the madness of Christmas.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will have a small idea of how many presents Santa left underneath the tree on Christmas Eve (my son actually asked me “Mummy, did you and Daddy buy me anything for Christmas?!”).

The amount of shredded wrapping paper alone filled at least 4 black bags!I spent the whole of boxing day carefully ripping endless cardboard toy packaging boxes into tiny pieces in an attempt to fit them all into my dustbin. Which was very therapeutic after the stresses of Christmas Day…..for about 2 hours!, after which the growing blisters on my fingers prevented any feelings of serenity and just left searing pain.

To be honest Christmas, new year and the run up to our early January holiday were a complete nightmare. Everyone was ill over Christmas, Britain was covered in snow and the chances of us flying were looking highly unlikely, Florida was also freezing so even if we made it it would be freezing! Apart from the influx of  new toys which my boys loved, It was a disaster

However everything turned out all right in the end. Our flight got delayed due to the weather,but we managed to get moved to an earlier flight, so actually arrived earlier than expected. The worst of the Florida freeze was over and after two days of mild weather we had temperatures in the mid 70’s for the rest of the fortnight. The hotel was amazing (Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando). A great holiday was enjoyed by all.

We did however encounter one problem whilst in Florida, The amount of toys available for purchase!! My son being the biggest 4 year old Marvel fan ever was in his absolute element in the Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal, (Why couldn’t he just stick to Spider man or something, no Thomas loves them all).

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To be honest the whole holiday was based around being able to take Thomas to meet his Marvel idols, forget Mickey Mouse we were there to see Spidey and friends! So you can’t blame him for being overwhelmed with the amount of new toys and figures on offer, The main problem with all this new stuff wasn’t going to be getting the stuff it would be getting it home.

We cunningly overcame the luggage space problem however with the help of the Super Hero Squad! Much more suitcase friendly than the bigger figures, the Super Hero Squad was a big success and Thomas now has a vast collection of the mini Marvels. We even managed to find some similar sized Star Wars figures whilst at Disney, you may ask whether it was wise to start up another mini collection. Well it was either that or purchase a giant sized Buzz Lightyear plush, which would definitely have been classified as over sized baggage.

The holiday was amazing and it was great to see boy’s so happy posing with all of their cartoon favourites. Jacob has also added a few new words to his vocabulary like Hot Dog, Roller Coaster and Captain America (which he says so cute).

So basically this is me saying sorry for not posting, and now I’m back fully refreshed(yeah right.. after 2 weeks in Florida!!) and raring to go.

Marvel Superhero Squad

I’m not sure if it’s due to the credit crunch, or whether it’s to save space in peoples already crowded houses but I’ve noticed lots of toys getting smaller and smaller. You’ve got Polly Pocket, Scooby Doo Mystery Mates, Disney Micro World, however my house is slowly filling up with the Marvel Super Hero Squad figures.

Thomas is obsessed at the moment with all things Marvel at the moment, we’ve got Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk and Fantastic four coming out of our ears. We’ve even planned a visit to Florida, just so he can go to the Marvel Super Hero Island. So to have miniature versions of his favorites does save a lot of space.

Sometimes the older bigger figures are just too flexible, and just he got frustrated with them falling over. The Super Hero Squad figures are not articulated at all, so Thomas finds it easy to get them to stand where he wants them too. The ‘Spiderman and Friends’ range of figures are also good for small hands, but they are now discontinued which is disappointing  although they can be found on Ebay.

My main gripe with the Marvel Superhero Squad is that because they are small, they are sold at pocket money prices. So you can end up overrun with them. They are also readily available in Supermarkets, even the food aisles have them hanging from the sides. It’s so easy to just chuck them in the trolley to avoid a tantrum, that you end up spending a small fortune overtime.

Thomas has asked for lots of Superhero Squad toy’s this Christmas, but the main thing’s he wants are Fin Fang Foom, the Sentinnel and the Hulk Gamma Lab Playset. Well I’ve got the Fin Fang Foom and Sentinel, so I’ve just got to get the Gamma Lab. I think I will end up getting the Hulk Gamma Lab as there aren’t many Super hero Squad playsets available, so this will be the perfect size for these little figures.

Fin Fang Foom and the Sentinel are both pretty impressive when standing next to the smaller figures, I know my son will be thrilled when he opens them on Christmas day.

The only thing with these things is that once you start collecting them, you just end up accumulating more and more. I think Marvel have something like 700 different Characters, so I suppose I’ve got to find a bit more space then!

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Marvel Transformers Crossovers

Superheroes are the big thing in our house at the moment. Days are filled by alternating epic battles between Spiderman, Venom and the Sandman with watching X-men, spectacular Spiderman and Ironman cartoons. My husband even got in on the act by sending me to Blockbusters to rent The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and The Dark Knight, leaving me looking like some comic book convention attending geek having an all night movie marathon.

Even though my son has been drawn into the whole X-men thing by the current movie hype, I’m still not relenting with regards to the Wolverine Electronic Claws. However that hasn’t stopped him trying to garner some new toys featuring his favourite comic book heroes, like the new Marvel Transformer Crossovers.

These new incarnations cleverly transform from vehicles into characters. All the best loved Marvel heroes (and a villain) are here, Spiderman, Venom, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man. These seem to be the only ones available in the U.K at the moment. Looking at the U.S. sites it seems there are a lot more like Carnage and Captain America, no doubt they will becoming to our shores in the near feature.

You might think these are Transformers Crossovers are a blatant attempt to sell yet another set of the same figures you’ve already got by tying lots of successful franchises together, but you’d be sorely mistaken. As with every great comic book hero there’s a back story.

According to the official Hasbro toyshop site ” Basing their designs on alien technology, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man create powerful new battle suits for the heroes of Earth”.  Unfortunately the plans fall into the wrong hands because “Based on prototypes stolen from nemesis Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Doom builds a series of mechanised war-suits for the use of the world’s worst Super Villains” and so new battles await all of our heroes.

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The transformations themselves are really well done. A snazzy motorbike transforms into Spiderman, a menacing black car turns out to be Venom, Iron Man converts to a fighter jet, Wolverine is a re-imagined as a jeep and Hulk is a heavily armoured tank.

Judging by some of the videos I’ve watched on You Tube of people actually transforming the figures from vehicle to Hero seems time consuming and confusing. I know that my 3 year old wouldn’t be able to do it. Although they are age rated as 5 and upwards, I still doubt that any 5 year old would have the patience to take 10 minutes changing them back and forth during play.

They do seem like a good idea and i think it’s an idea very well executed, however I wouldn’t buy one of these for my son yet as I know I’d spend all day having to fiddle with it. If you think your kid (or big kid) would have the patience for it then I think that it’s a great gift, and would lead to many hours of fun saving the world from Doctor Doom and his cronies.

Go Spidey!

Spiderman 3 Webworld Final Battle Playset – Review

Thomas has been really bored this week, Easter holidays are getting to him. No matter how many times we go to the park or go for a trip to the shops as soon as he’s home he’s bored.

Yesterday out of the blue he asked me if Spiderman was on the telly, he’s never asked for Spiderman before but apparently his friends in nursery like Spidey. It jogged my memory about the Spidermen set we bought him for Christmas. I’d only bought it as it was heavily discounted, reduced from £40.00 to £16.00 and was a nice big sized present for the money. I’d tried to put it together on Christmas Eve but gave up after about an hour, my brain was frazzled and he’d had so many other things I just put it away in the cupboard.

After he was safely tucked up in bed, I took the playset out of the cupboard and set about making it. It took around an hour and a half to put it all together, and around 40 minutes of that was struggling with one pesky piece I couldn’t figure out. It can be quite frustrating, as you put one piece in another pops out. It needs a lot of perseverance.

Once all set up it looks mighty impressive, over two feet tall and full of traps and trap doors I knew Thomas was going to love it.

As soon as he saw it in the morning he was hooked, he’s played with it all day only stopping for drinks and meals.

The set  is a reconstruction of the big fight scene from Spiderman 3 in the empty construction site. It has a giant Sandman, New Goblin on a flying hoverboard, Venom and of course a Spiderman figure. 

The Sandman attaches onto the side of the crane and swings around, he flies off the set if you press a barrel on the bottom which Thomas really likes. He also has a hidden slit in his hand and stomach, which you can place Spiderman inside so it looks like the Sandman is sucking up spidey. Very cool!

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The new goblin’s hoverboard attaches to a rubber stick and looks like he’s flying, it can also be attached to the crane and can be manouvered around.

There’s a lift with a trap door and a trap door into a spiders web which both provide lots of falling fun.

On top of the crane is a workers cab with a working flashlight attached. The light shines bright red and moves around so Spidey can search out where his enemies are hiding.

The struts of the set Will fall out during play, but are easily inserted back in. It’s a small price to pay for the fun that my son’s got out of it, even in just one day.

I would certainly recommend this set to all Spiderman fans and their parents.