Battroborg – Review

Battroborg. what is it? Well it’s probably the coolest looking toy your going to see this year.

Robot on Robot fighting in a battle arena, and if that wasn’t enough you actually control the robot through motion control. So when you punch your Battroborg Punches too!

We were sent one of the Battroborg Arena sets to review, and boy did we have fun.

Set Up

The Battroborg Arena Set comprises of 2 Battroborg Robots, 2 Nunchaku Motion controllers, The Battle Arena, and 4 plastic stand up training drones.

Setting up the Battorborg Battle Arena is simple. The arena comes in one part which only requires you to pop in the pegs around the side to hold up the ringside ropes. The ropes are more useful than you’d imagine actually, as you can configure them in different ways. It’s useful for training and having them stay in position for a match, which we used to do when the boys were still learning to control them.

Next comes the dreaded batteries. Battroborg does not come with batteries, and I was actually quite stunned to see that each robot needs 4AA’s. So that’s 8 AA batteries you’ll need in total. Tomy do not recommend using rechargeable batteries either, so my stock of them were useless and I had to go and buy some real ones.

The batteries go in the controllers and you then have to plug your Battroborg robot into the controller to charge it up. Charging takes 20 minutes and gives you roughly 20 minutes of fighting fun in the arena. I say roughly as we’ve found that you can battle for longer but eventually the robots will become less responsive, so you know they need a top up charge.

Even though the robots need regularly quick charging, the batteries have lasted since we received the pack around 3 weeks ago. So that I was impressed with.

Once the robots are charged you need to turn your controller on, then turn your robot on. When you do this the controller and robot should sync up, and you’ll hear a chime to signify that your good to go.

Controlling the Robots

The controllers are two hand-held parts joined together by a wire. To move around and punch you hold one end of the controllers in each hand. The larger part goes in your right hand, and the smaller in your left. The left hand controls the left punch, and also moves your Battroborg robot to the left as you punch. The right hand conversely. To move your robot forward you need to get in a rhythm of left and right hand punches with the controller.

I immediately took to the alternate punching method of making your robot move, but the boys really didn’t get it for a long time. They just kept hammering both the controllers at the same time, and that results in one confused robot who doesnt do what you want. It’s was hard to watch as they had been so excited when we got the Battroborg’s out of the box, but after trying and failing to get the hang out of it for 20 minutes they were totally disheartened and didn’t want to try again.

“They’re broken” “They don’t work” “Why wont they work?” was all Thomas was coming out with. Well they did work and I knew they did. They work well too, but it just needs a bit of practice.

Eventually after a few attempts Thomas started to understand how it wasn’t like a button bashing computer game, you have to make clear and distinct movements with the controllers for the best results. Once Thomas had it, Jacob wasn’t far behind, and now they are both battling and brawling like old pros.

The recommended age range is 6+, so they are both on the youngest end – Jacob if only for the next month still being just 5 is under it in fact. Given that it’s to be expected that the control system might take them a little longer to grasp, but it’s just as a heads up that younger players will need to put some practice in pre-battle.


Action in the ring

First task is a bit of training, and the four included training drones are perfect for that task. I found it intensely satisfying knocking down these cut out style robots, more so than the real fights actually. I think it’s the fact that you can really whack them and then the topple over. Great for unleashing a bit of aggression. Maybe I could even stick some real faces on them to add to the effect.

Once your ready to fight you have 3 modes you can choose from. Combat mode – which is a one on one fight. Autodrone mode – Which is a good one player game where the other Battroborg is set to punch automatically for 2 minutes, and you have to see how long you can survive. You can play Autodrone with more than one player, but you’ll need extra robots as one needs to be the automated puncher. You also have a Tag mode for 2 or more players, where one robot is the chaser and has to catch and punch all the other robots at least once.

We’ve only played the combat mode so far as were still learning the ropes, but the tag mode sounds like it could be good fun.

In combat mode the objective is to gain 5 damage points from your opponent and knock them out.  Only hits to the front of your opponents helmet, or in Battroborg speak Neurocranial-Optic visor count as an official hit.

You can tell as you play what your damage levels are from the coloured indicator on your robot

Green – No damage

Blue – 1st damage point

White – 2nd damage point

Yellow – 3rd Damage point

Red – 4th Damage point

Flashing Red with sound 5th Damage point Knockout

The easy to understand visual representation of your damage counter is brilliant, and gives the kids an instant insight into how they are doing and who’s winning.

Kids View


Summing up

With an RRP of £70 Battroborg is an expensive toy, but it’s understandable for the amount of gadgetry and technology  packed into these little robots. Now they’ve got the hang of it you can see that my sons love it, and have played with it a lot.

They are probably a bit too young to get the absolute most fun out of it. I would say that a 9/10-year-old would be the ideal age.

The amount of batteries would be an issue for me if the ones I’d put in had run out already. However they are still going strong after nearly a month, so it’s not as bad as I first imagined.

For me if I had seen this set up in a toy shop and had a go, it would have been a must have purchase for underneath the christmas tree.  I would certainly recommend it for lots of friendly competitive fun.


 Disclosure : We were sent a Battroborg Battle Arena by Tomy to test and give our honest opinion



Tomy John Deere Farm Toys – Review

The youngest has been poorly for the last couple of days, so it was a great time for Tomy to send us some of their new John Deere Farm Toys to review.

He wasn’t up to tv or flashy lights and sounds for the first day or so, and these simple toys provided some much-needed relief whilst Jacob was getting over his poorly tummy

The sets are all aimed more for the younger end of the market – From 1 1/2 years and are lovely and chunky, which is perfect for the little ones.

The John Deere Fun on the Farm Playset is a gorgeous set of 4 different farm vehicles, and would make an ideal first farm toy. It comes beautifully packaged, and looks great in the box. I have put it on my list to buy for younger nieces and nephews as it looks so wonderful packaged up it would make an amazing gift.

Thankfully once you get it out of the packaging it plays just as well as it looks in the box. Although if you’ve ever heard of frustration free packaging – This is not it! It took me at least 10 minutes and a lot of deep breaths to get all the pieces out. Its wonderful when out, but I wouldn’t attempt it with an anxious toddler looking over your shoulder.

All the farm vehicles have some sort of working element to them . The combine harvester has a spinning thresher, and the corn moves from side to side as you push it along. The Tractor has a hood which opens for fixing, the front loader has a moveable claw for picking up the hay bale, and the trailer can perform a tipping action to unload its contents.

As well as the large amount of vehicles, the set also includes 4 animals, 2 farmers, 3 hooked trailers, a hay bale, crate of tomatoes, a triangular lump of coal I think and a small fence.

The fence is nice as an added extra, however a bit more pieces would have been nice. You can only fit one animal in the enclosed fence at a time.

All of the figures have a circular bottom with a protruding end, which helps them to click into place in the vehicles. This works great with the farmers, but I’m not sure why the animals also have them. It makes them a tad unstable, so they tend to wobble and fall over easily. It’s not the biggest of issues, and Jacob didn’t seem to find it a problem, but it was something I noticed.

All in all the John Deere Fun on The Farm set is a brilliant toy which a toddler is simply bound to love. It has a few small down points, but for the amount of play that will be got out of the set, they are well worth overlooking.

Next up is the Johnny Tractor and Friends Mini Vehicles. Personally I always had a stash of small toys when the boys were younger and we were out and about. These 2 cheeky cheery vehicles would make excellent handbag and pushchair toys for Farm Mad toddlers.

The wheels are really zippy, and they really fly when you let them go on a shiny surface.

They are described on the packaging as squeezable, but I’m not sure why as they are not at all squeezable. They might have a slight bit of give after a while, but are not what I would call squeezable.

Lastly we have the John Deere Lights and Sounds Monster Treads Tractor

This tractor is one big chunky monkey. It definitely lives up to the Monster Treads name. If your youngster has a thing for Monster Trucks then they would love this.

This one was Jacob’s top pick by far. He spent ages rolling it back and for around the Fun on the Farm set, loving the groovy way the wheels move.

I’m not saying groovy to be cute or different, it does actually groove as it moves! The Monster Treads Tractor has front and rear suspension, so it moves from side to side as you push it along.

The huge wheels and suspension also mean it can tackle any terrain, and would be excellent outdoors toy in the garden.

On the top it has three buttons to activate the lights and sounds. One button gives you a realistic engine noise and turns the headlights on, The next is the reverse beeping sound.

Lastly a voiceover man from an advert saying “nothing runs like a deere”. This must be from an american advert as i’ve never heard it before, but it’s a bit of fun and the boys enjoyed pressing it to listen to the funny voice.


Jacob really enjoyed having the farm toys to play with whilst he was getting over his stomach bug. Even though he’s older than the recommended age for them, it was lovely for him to have some simpler toys to enjoy. I also think it’s great that Tomy have produced some beautiful Farm toys suitable for the younger end of the market.

Thanks Tomy for sending us the John Deere Fun on the Farm Playset, Johnny Tractor and Friends Mini Vehicles and John Deere Lights and Sounds Monster Treads Tractor to review.








Bringing Farming Home with Britains – Competition

Britains has teamed up with Greenmeadow Community Farm to offer two lucky families free tickets to the farm plus a fantastic crop of Britains Farm Toys.

Experience the fun of farming at Greenmeadow Community Farm. A working farm for over 250 years and set in 120 acres, there’s lots to see and do!

Along with the traditional farm animals, there are rare and pedigree breeds who you can feed using the animal feed from the shop. Why not learn more about the farm in the recently refurbished Haybarn or take a trip on a tractor ride around the farm? Hop along to get up close and personal to the smaller animals and finish off the day by getting a taste of the local produce in the cosy café. There’s lots to do whatever your age and whatever the weather at Greenmeadow Community Farm!

Greenmeadow Community Farm offers a great day out for all of the family, but the farming fun doesn’t end there! Each winner will also receive a selection of Britains Farm Toys worth over £50. The Large Livestock Building (£24.99) comes complete with Yorkshire boarded sides and added height for extra machine manoeuverability – very useful come feed time in the barn! The Massey Ferguson 6480 Tractor with Front Loader (£21.99) is a great addition to any farm, and the front loader is just the job when it comes to moving hay bales around.

Winners will also receive a set of Friesian Cows (£4.49) and the all-important essential feeding Troughs (£4.49) and Big Square Bales (£4.49). It’s the perfect package for young farm hands to get their Britains Farm collection started and put into practice what they’ve learned on their day out at the farm park.

Competition ends Tuesday August 28th and all you need to do to enter is leave a comment below.


Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Interactive Toys – Review

Cbeebies is still a mainstay in our household. Although the kids are getting older and gravitating to Cartoon Network more and more, I still love my quiet time with Jacob cuddled up watching some nice pleasant Cbeebies fun.

I will admit though after 7yrs of Cbeebies being the channel of choice for the kids, I am getting slightly fed up of watching endless re-runs of Come Outside and Big Barn Farm. So I’m always pleased when a new show starts to break up the monotony a bit, and recently it’s Raa Raa the Noisy Lion which has been tasked with the job.

Our Journeys on over to the Jingly Jangly Jungle with Raa Raa have been doing a good job of keeping Jacob entertained, so it was with great excitement that we opened up the new Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Interactive toys we’d been sent by Tomy to review, Raa Raa’s Interactive Playset and Hufty’s Interactive Train.

The toys both feature special ‘Smart Spot Technology’ similar to the Chuggington Interactive range of toys. With Smart Spot you actually have to place the toy down on the spot, rather than it working wirelessly. This isn’t so much of a downer as I found it made things a lot quieter whilst the boys were playing. Sure they were having fun putting Raa Raa and Hufty onto the Smart Spot’s and making them talk, but it’s not the constant noise as the Chuggington sets can sometimes feel like.

I am still stunned how far toys have come on these days compared to the ones I remember having, and toys like this are why. Raa Raa’s treehouse looks exactly the same as the TV version…Exactly! It’s so cool that now kids can watch their favourite programs and then play with exact replica’s of those worlds, even down to having the characters voices being absolutely perfect.

Really this stuff matters, As a girl I remember being so disappointed that my Jem doll sounded nothing like my hero, the sound was all muffled and echoey I couldn’t even make out half the stuff she said, Let alone think what she did say was in the same voice. So to conclude my mini-rant, Kids don’t know how lucky they are!

Anyway now back to the review. The coolest thing about all of the Raa Raa Toys with the Smart Spot is that they all work together, so even though we received Hufty with his Train we could still use it with Raa Raa’s Treehouse and also vice-versa. Plus don’t worry all of Raa Raa’s friends are available to buy and use with these sets, either in sets of their own or individually. So Crocky, Zebby, ooo ooo, and Topsy don’t need to miss out on the fun they will all work with all of the Interactive sets. Grab the whole gang and have a Jingly Jungle party at Raa Raa’s treehouse!

The Treehouse even comes with Raa Raa’s special Cubby Buggy, and has a cool feature where the branch will move and the engine starts, just like on the TV show when Raa Raa heads off on an adventure.

I also want to give a big thumbs up to the wonderful packaging, honestly even the box the Treehouse comes in is cool. The background to the box is the exact same white tree covered background from the TV show, and brilliantly you can take this out and use it in your games. OK so I’m not sure if Tomy meant for you to do this or not, but it really adds to the enjoyment as it just gets more and more realistic.

I did notice that at times If you didn’t set down the figure exactly straight, the set might detect a different character but it’s not a biggie. 99% of the time the set seemed to get it right, and it was actually more funny than anything when it got it wrong.

Fan’s of Raa Raa will absolutely adore these sets, Jacob and Thomas have had so much fun playing around with Raa and Hufty as you can see from the video below (this was just as we’d got it out of the box). The chunkiness of the figures and toys make them perfect for smaller toddler hands. I can also attest to them being able to take a far bit of roughness in play, as the boys managed to drop Hufty twice down onto the kitchen tiles and he managed to pull through unscathed and still working fine.

A brilliant range for the youngsters that is sure to delight, and inspire some wonderful playtime adventures.

Tomy Bath Toys – Review

The boys have been having lots of splashtastic good clean fun with some Bath Toys that we were sent to review from Tomy, namely the Octopals and the Do Rae Me Dolphins.

It might seem a bit weird but we don’t actually have a bath at home, so the boys had to take these new toys over to their grandmas house to play with. This actually added to the excitement for them, as they love the whole bath experience anyway as it’s not the norm, so to have some new toys just for the bath toy was really exciting.

The only bath toys they have currently are some small water pistols which they love, so this made the Octopals an instant hit.

The Octopals are a set of eight baby octopi and one bigger mummy octopus. The cute babies have suction cups on their bottoms for arranging the bath and tiles, but obviously the best part is that they all act as mini water pistols, with the boys shooting small jets across the bath at each other.

They don’t shoot too far, which is good you don’t want it to turn too boisterous and have waves crashing across the side of the bath or anything.

The Mother Octopus can be used as a pouring cup for water play, and the holes mean you can use it as a mini shower which always makes Jacob laugh.

Each of the Octopi have numbers on the side, plus numbered spaces for them to fit in on the floating stand. So it’s great for getting little ones used to numbers while they have fun splashing around in the tub.

Now onto the Do Rae Me Dolphins. This set of 8 little guys were definitely my favourite, even though I think the boys preferred the water soaking fun of the Octopals.

Each of the dolphins has its own rubber ring which it floats along in. When you press down on their heads they will make a musical note. When you connect the rings together in the correct numbered order from 1-10 when tapped the dolphins will play the musical scale.

You can either play them joined together, or play them separately, it’s up to you.

It’s sort of a whistling noise, not too loud but noisy enough to hear and enjoy. I wouldn’t say you can play out sonatas or anything on them. Plus they’re not perfect and sometimes the dolphins don’t play the note every time and you have to keep taping, but as a toddler toy it’s all part of the fun.

The boys have had some great fun splashing, shooting and playing their music  in the bath this week, and now they have another reason to really look forward to going to Grandma’s on the weekends. Thanks Tomy.






Chuggington Diecast – Review

Were big fans here at Toybuzz of the Chuggington interactive railway toys, but this week we were sent some of the Diecast range to try.

Immediately as soon as we opened the box, the Action Chugger Carry Case caught Jacob’s eye. He’s always been one of our favourite Chuggers, so to have his happy and smiling face on the carry case was lovely.

The case is brilliant, perfect for storage obviously, but also a toy in itself as it’s on wheels.

Both sides open up, and in total you can fit up to 17 characters inside including some space for the larger chuggers like Harrison and Emery. Somewhat disappointingly though the case doesn’t come with any trains included, so those will have to be purchased separately.

We were sent a Diecast Koko, Brewster and Wilson to play around with, plus a Straight and Curved Track Pack. The trains fit inside the case well, and it’s great to have somewhere to store them when they are not being played with.

The Straight and Curved Track Pack is a perfect little set for playing with your Diecast trains. The track is small and simple enough that youngsters will really be able to use their creativity planning out routes for the chuggers, without being overwhelmed or getting bored with too many parts. Also would be excellent for taking away and travelling with, as it’s easy and quick to put out and play and then store back in the box. The boys have already asked if they can take it away with them to the caravan next week, and I think it’ll be wonderful for that.

Thanks Tomy for sending us the Chuggington Diecast toys for us to test.

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Britains Farm Toys: Massey Ferguson Tractor and Machinery Building – Review

Once again this week we really excited by another delivery of wonderful Britains Farm Toys for the boys and me to review. We always love the amazingly realistic toys they send us, and we’ve built up quite an impressive farmyard as a result.

This time around we received out first ever Massey Ferguson Tractor (the Massey Ferguson 6480) and a Machinery Building to put our burgeoning collection of tractors inside.

All the Tractors we have had before have been John Deere models, so the Massey Ferguson 6480 was a nice bit of variation. The attention to detail is impeccable as always, and Jacob loved the vibrant red colour (another first for his tractor collection).

It has a front loader which is perfect for transporting hay bails and the like, plus an attachment on the back for connecting on a trailer like the new Kane Silage or Grain Trailers.

The Machinery Building whilst lovely for Jacob to play and have fun with now it’s built was a bit of a nightmare to construct. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I had a lot of problems trying to get all the bits to stay together. It took me around 1hr to put it all together, but most of that time was reapplying previous pieces that come unclipped once you think your done with them and onto the next step.

Once it’s up and completed it’s fine, and Jacob has had so much fun moving the tractors in and out, even doing a raring trade renting it out as a multi story car park for his Hot Wheels cars too (by this I mean filling it to the brim with cars to see how many he can fit in)

I would still recommend the Machinery Building as a great addition to your collection of farm toys. Just make sure you set aside a good hour of quiet time to put it together.






Big Farm Land Rover And Trailers – Review

I am really thrilled to be reviewing some Britains Big Farm toys again today. We love the Big Farm range, and even though Learning Curve is now part of Tomy International, we’re glad to see that nothings changed and the toys are still as engaging and realistic as ever.

This year Britains Big Farm have added a new equestrian set to the range The Land Rover and Horse Trailer set (RRP £34.99), plus the Land Rover With General Purpose Trailer Set (RRP £29.99)

We have had lots of fun over the past year playing with our Land Rover which we previously reviewed, but this time we had added fun as we got to try one out with the Horse and General Purpose Trailers.

The Land Rover itself is so wonderfully realistic it’s amazing. The working headlights, honking horn, and engine noise make this much more than a simple toy car. The Horse Trailer simply adds to the fun. Jacob has been busy kept busy for hours loading and unloading the horses, then hooking the trailer up to the Land Rover and taking them off for a spin.

The Land Rover and Horse Trailer set comes with the Amazingly realistic Model Land Rover, Horse Trailer with opening back door for loading, and side door, plus one horse and foal.

On the Farm I presume the general trailer would be used for transporting bales of hay around, but we didn’t have any of those so Jacob has been using Duplo Blocks. He’s also been using it to transport his toy car and to take his Moshi Monsters out for a trip around his newly renamed Moshling Farm.

In our opinion it’s another set of brilliantly realistic fun farm toys from Britains Big Farm, and a great addition to any budding farmers toy box.

As well as the new Land Rover and Horse Trailer set, and  Land Rover With General Purpose Trailer Set’s, the Horse Trailer with Horse and Foal, and the General Purpose Trailer are both available to buy separately for RRP £24.99 and RRP £29.99 respectively.