Super Mario Maker for 3DS – Review

In our household we all agree that Super Mario Maker has been some of the most fun we’ve had with the Wii U, probably even every console ever.

We all had an amazing time creating levels for each other and challenging everyone on family night. Its so addicting seeing somebody finally beat your level while you watch, mentally ticking over what you need to change to make it even more devilishly difficult for next time.

Well now you can have all the fun of the Wii U version, but this time on the go on the 3DS.

To say this game comes at the perfect time for us is an understatement. Were going on holiday in 2 weeks to Florida, which involves a 9 hour flight.

Ive been panicking like mad about what the boys are going to be like on the long journey, considering now they are too old for the traditional colouring books and the like I usually pack. So to have an endlessly creative game like Super Mario Maker to play during the journey will be a godsend.

The only big difference between the 3DS and Wii U versions are the ability to share courses online. For some people this may be a problem, but for us its no big deal really. As a family we only ever saved the courses as challenges between ourselves, so I don’t think we ever did upload any courses online anyway.

However you can play lot and lots of user made courses if you have internet access through Nintendo’s recommended courses section. A massive selection of user made levels curated by Nintendo.

Although you’d think by the name that making courses is the thing you will do the most, So far I’ve spent most of my time playing the Super Mario Challenge mode. It’s such an amazing game, I’m absolutely loving it.

The thing is I find it so hard, some of the courses are really tricky and thats without doing the extra tricky tasks to gain medals. It’s so much fun though, and trying to attain all those medals will keep me busy forever I think.

My only bug bear is that you have to complete the Super Mario challenges to unlock extra build course elements. I think this is a bit much to ask of younger players, and preferred the Wii U’s approach of new items overtime you played for the first couple of days.

That’s only a small annoyance though, overall it’s a great buy if you have a 3DS. I would highly recommend it.

Disclosure: We received an online code for this game from Nintendo as part of our participation in the Nintendo Family Bloggers Network. All opinions are our own.

Max Tow Truck – Review

Max Tow from Jakks Pacific is the tough talking, tough towing new hot toy on the block.

We’ve been testing out Max Tow all week, and seeing if he’s all talk or whether he can really pull 200lbs in weight.

We all love Max’s tough guy attitude, and his enthusiastic “Hey Buddy!”. He says over 50 phrases, mostly to do with loading him up and watching him go. He’s a small truck with a big ego!

As well as towing big weights, Max can also climb over obstacles in his way. Max Tow is not a remote control vehicle, it only goes forward. Once it hits an obstacle it will try to climb over it, or come to a stop.

Max Tow takes 6 C batteries, but boy does he need all that power with all the towing and chatting he does. He comes with a try me battery to hear his voice, but it’s not strong enough for him to pull anything, so you have to change that straight away.

Max Tow comes with a plastic tow chain for attaching things for Max to move. Max Tow doesn’t come with the trailer that you can see on the box or the advert, but if you have one you can easily connect the to Max.

However don’t fret if you don’t as we successfully tied Max up to Thomas’ scooter, Jacob’s computer chair and even the hoover.

We had great fun hooking it up to Jacob’s computer chair, and watching Max pull him down the road. Amazing that a little truck like that can haul an 8 year old boy along.

Press down on Max’s orange button to let him know your ready for him to tow. He’ll let you know if he needs some more power, and asks you to pull the lever to shift into high gear.

Max Tow would make an excellent christmas present. It comes in a lovely big box which has brilliant big present under the christmas tree appeal.

Max Tow is available from all good toy retailers including Amazon with an RRP of £59.99.

Disclosure: We were sent a Max Tow truck for us to write an honest review.

Star Wars Force Trainer

Do you feel the force the force flowing through you, want to become a Jedi master, feel the need to move stuff around without touching it, then this is the toy for you.

The Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer is a nifty gadget that helps you harness your brain power to perform so cool Jedi mind tricks sure to impress the family around the dining table after christmas dinner.

The included headseat reads your brainwaves using cutting edge EEG technology, interpreting your signals and passing the information to the sensor inside the training tube. The harder and more intensly you concentrate correctly on moving the ball in the tube, the higher and faster the ball will rise to the top thus demonstrating your mastery of the Force.

As you progress through the 15 levels of training you will hear tips from Master Yoda himself, and other Star Wars sound effects to confirm accomplishment and for motivation whilst perfecting your skills.

Use your new found powers to progress all the way from Padawan to Jedi Master. The training tube control panel display’s your current Jedi level and also how far you’ve advanced through the level.

However much Star Wars want to actually believe that this device is actually using the force, it’s not. The headset does actually detect the brain waves you send the device, however it then activates a small fan and that’s what makes the ball float. That said it does not take away from the skill and concentration you need to get the device to work, your brainwaves still control how high it goes and how much it moves. It’s still very impressive to see.

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The Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer is guaranteed to keep your children happy and entertained for a good amount of time, also they’ll be so busy concentrating it’ll keep them quiet too.

Well worth the money for a few hours of peace I’m sure you’ll agree.

Hot Deals on Hot Wheels!

Boys and their cars, eh? They just can’t get enough of them.

Helpfully Toys R Us have some great deals on Hot Wheels at the moment. Like a “buy one and get the 2nd half price” deal on the packs of 5 cars. That’s a bargain 10 cars for £7.50.

The newly advertised Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Jurassic Starter Set is also reduced by £5.00.

I was really surprised by that as I only saw it advertised for the first time this morning. My son just stopped in his tracks and said “that’s so cool!”.

There’s a big raptor that tries to gobble up your car, as you set off a chain reaction of stunts. It also comes with a special Hot Wheels car with the dinosaur on the side.

Have a look at the official site for the advert, it’ll get you really riled up ready to buy one!

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The immensely popular Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Blaster is back in stock at the moment as well, with £5 off. I’ve been trying to get hold of one of these everywhere!

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There’s loads of other great deals on Hot Wheels stuff, so check out the Toys R Us site and bag yourself a hot bargain.

Hot Wheels Beat that!

(I love that tag line)