Kiddimoto Review

So I ordered the Kiddimoto on a Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday which I think you’ll agree is pretty speedy. Well done Firebox!

Anyway it’s taken me an age to get a bit of free time when I wasn’t suffering sleep deprivation to put the bikes together, but this weekend was the time to finally get the boxes out of the cupboard and do a bit of DIY balance bike style. Okay so it’s not technically DIY, but it involved a screwdriver so that’s good enough for me. I’m claiming it as DIY.

As soon as you open up the box, the Kiddimoto looks amazing. It also looks practically complete, which is a relief for a DIY disaster mum like me. All you need to do is fit the handlebar, and the wheels and then that’s it, all done.

The instructions are easy to follow, and it literally only took me 10 minutes tops to read the instructions and get it put together. There is only 4 steps you need to follow, so it’s really simple.

The Kiddimoto is suitable from 2 years old and up to a weight of nearly 6 stone, so going by average child age and weights it should last your child until around 6 years old.

Once fully assembled I was slightly concerned about the size of it. It seems very low to the ground, and not very big. I’ve got some concerns that my 4 year old might be too tall for it. However looking round at photos and videos on the Internet it seems that I’m thinking in terms of it being a proper bike, which it isn’t. It’s a balance bike, and because your child needs to scoot along the floor to make it move, it has to be lower to the ground.

If your not familiar with Balance Bikes they are basically your child’s first bike but without pedals. A training bicycle that allows your child to learn balance and steering without having to worry about pedals or brakes, all the motion is done by moving their legs along the floor. Eliminating the pedals or stabilizers make children concentrate more on balancing and gain more confidence, and generally move onto a normal bike quicker and without the need for stabilizers.

I cant wait to see the reaction the Kiddimoto gets from Thomas Christmas morning, it just looks so cool he is sure to be wowed. Styled to look like a real superbike even down to the exhaust pipes.  I’m seriously considering returning the TP balance bike I bought for Jacob and getting another Kiddimoto. It really does look that good.

Obviously waiting for xmas means that I haven’t had a chance to see the boys test drive the balance bikes yet, but I’m sure when I see the boys using them at Christmas they’ll be zooming about in no time.

How many more sleeps is it now?

Balance Bikes

Just this minute finished the very last of my kids Christmas shopping Hurray!!

Me and hubby were looking through the list of xmas gifts and saw lots of smaller gifts, but no big Christmas present. So we decided to order both of the boys a new bike, Jacob only has a kiddie trike and Thomas’ Scooby Doo bike seen much better days. I think a bike is always a good big Christmas or birthday present, every kid loves a bike don’t they.

After looking into a few different options we settled on getting them both a balance bike. A bit different to a normal bike I know, but we haven’t got that much room and Thomas’ just bangs into stuff by peddling to fast. Were hoping that he will slow down a bit as he has to propel himself along the floor, and learn to stop crashing into things. Jacob can’t peddle yet anyway, so he was just using his feet to get around just like he will need to on the balance bike.

Seeing as they are both different ages, we couldn’t get them both the same bike although I would have loved to get them both the Kiddimoto (it looks soooo cool!). We went for the Kiddimoto for Thomas in Kawasaki Green and the TP Toddler Balance Bike for Jacob, as it’s suitable from 18 months.

Hoping to have them delivered this week, and get them set up asap so I can write a full review of the both of them.

Toy Train Tables

I’ve already started thinking about Christmas time (OK I know it’s early, but good to make a head start!). When we were in Early Learning Centre recently both of my boys made a beeline for the Thomas the Tank Engine Train Table, so I’ve been considering getting them a nice train set to share.

The Thomas the Tank Engine set from the Early Learning Centre is stunning and has lots to keep two little boys occupied.

However the cost is a factor, it is a lot of money for a train set. The table and train set have to be purchased separately. You could use any set with the play table, but this is the one which is set up in the stores so I know my sons would be expecting this one.

If your little one is a mad Thomas fan then this would be an amazing gift. However although my sons like Thomas and appreciate the styling I don’t think I need to pay the extra for it, they’d be just as happy with another set.

Another possibility is the Step 2 Deluxe Canyon and Train Track Table, an ingeniously designed table which takes cars and trains in its inbuilt recessed track.

The immediate appeal of this table is that the track and various bridges are moulded into the table, so no more putting pieces back together ever again (hurray!!).

Another great feature is the wipe clean hardboard lid, which means it can be used as an activity table for drawing activities and games etc. The lid also means that all the car’s and trains can be left on the tracks and just covered over, ready for another day’s play tomorrow with no more searching around for lost locomotives (hurray again!!!).

The set does come with 3 basic trains and cars, however most major types like Thomas, Brio and Hotwheels are all compatible.

Another possible contender in the train table stakes is Toys R Us’s own City Train Table and Railway Set . A great looking set that would undoubtedly make an impressive Christmas present.

The set includes over 100 pieces including trains, trucks, people, trees and a helicopter, and 23 feet of track. This is also the first table I’ve seen to have electronic lights and sounds.

I like the idea of the big drawer at the front to keep all the pieces in, however I’m not sure I want to put the thing together every day.

Again this set works with all the other major types of trains like Brio and Thomas Tank.

And where would a page about wooden train sets be without a mention of the almighty Brio. I’ve got a real infatuation with Brio trains for some reason, and really have my heart set on getting my son’s one (although I’m really tempted by the Step 2).

I really like the simplicity of this train table and set, I’m sure that it would take only a few minutes to set up everyday.

I’m also swayed by the way that I could purchase the smallest set first whilst they are younger and then add on new pieces year on year.

Also from Brio is their new Set’s aimed at toddlers featuring Disney characters.

This beautiful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse styled train set would definitely be a big hit with my two boys, they love Mickey!

As you can see the clubhouse part is removable with a netting bag underneath for keeping all your pieces together.

Also available in the new Disney range is a set of My Friends Tigger and Pooh Train Sets.

Decisions, Decisions. I bet you can’t believe that there is so much choice in Train Set Tables. Going to have to go and have a good think about it!

Melissa and Doug now at The Entertainer

It was with great delight that I noticed The Entertainer has started selling Melissa and Doug products. I’ve always liked their toys, and love the materials that they use. However they have always been quite hard to get hold of.

I’ve often looked with envy at some of their products on, and longed for it to become available in the U.K. You can find some of their products in independent toy shops and online stores, but it’s nice that a multiple has now cottoned on and started to stock them.

I adore the fact that everything is so colourful, chunky and wooden. Everything has a real family feel about it, like it’s really been thought about.

A particular favourite of mine is the Pizza Party set. Make your own wooden pizza complete with toppings. The six slice pizza comes with a pizza cutter and 54 different toppings. Each slice has space for three different toppings to be placed on, and held there with Velcro. All the slices also hold together with Velcro. It’s a really cute set of play food.

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Another wonderful toy is the beautiful Wooden Take Along Tool Kit. My son must have been through at least 4 plastic tool kits before we found this one. Amazingly sturdy, you definitely wont need another tool set after this one. With 24 pieces of tools, screws, nails, bolts, and nuts it’s got everything your budding Bob the Builder or in my case Handy Manny will need. Even the tool box itself can be used in the construction play and holes around the sides of the box can be nailed and screwed. It’s truly a lovely toy.

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There’s not that many products available at the moment, just seven in total. Hopefully that will change if they realise that there’s a demand, and believe me there will be, at least in this household!

Do Play with your food


My most treasured toy when I was a little girl was the Al A Carte kitchen. Do you remember the advert with the girl making swiss roll and beans for her daddy, I loved that kitchen.

I think every child should have a toy kitchen when growing up, even if it’s just one of those small hobs if you haven’t got the space for a full kitchen. The fun of the kitchen is pretending to make the food, thinking up all the strange combinations. My son brought me gherkins and grapes pizza recently, lovely!

So I’ve been having a look around at all the different types of pretend food on the market, and there’s a lot more than there was in my day (oh I sound so old). Wooden play food is something that wasn’t around when I was younger but I think it’s marvelous, with brighter colours and being so hard waring it always looks so much better than the plastic kind. 

A new feature that keeps popping up in a lot of the products is Velcro. Being able to cut up and slice food and then stick it back together again afterwards is great fun. Thomas and Jacob both love the food that we have with Velcro, like a block of butter with a small piece at the end that can be cut off and fried in a pan then stuck back on.

Thomas is endlessly making me sandwiches, or super sandwiches as he calls them. There’s a few adorable sandwich kit’s out there, the Toy Shop Soft Baguette is real fun with slices of salami, cheese and lettuce in a soft baguette roll. Equally scrumptious is the Wooden Cut and Play Sandwich Set from Early Learning Centre. Coming with Slices of bread and a roll, you can decide which one you’d prefer for your pretend snack. Also includes slices of cheese, egg and gherkin and a little pot of jam.

I saw this in toy in the Early Learning Centre yesterday and thought it was inspired, a set of tins with a can opener that actually works! This is definitely going to be purchased for my son’s kitchen (just played with by me).

Something for the mums here, fancy a nice cup of tea? well your little one will be needing these. Coming in a lovely painted tin these four wooden drawstring teabags are sure to be your cup of tea! 

How about some delicious cakes with your tea they look exceedingly good. This set of 9 Petit Fours look amazing and delicious!

If you think they look good, take a look at this set of wooden ice creams. They are just so cute and would be brilliant being sold in a pretend shop or cafe. I love the fact that there’s different varieties of ice cream and also the lovely holder they come in.

Talking of shops there is also a few market stall products around that I’ve noticed, two lovely ones being Daisy’s Market Stall and the Santoys Wooden Market Stall. Both are perfect for setting up your child as the next Ian Beale, with their own fruit and veg stall. Crates of vegetables can be bought and stacked along the shelves. Good educational value to be had as well, if you include a cash register and the buying and selling of the food.

There is so much fun and interesting play food available I could write about it forever and ever, fortunately for you I won’t. I will just leave you with another one of my sons latest gourmet taste combinations, Broccoli on waffles anyone?

Can you pinpoint where you’ve seen these toys before?

I’ve come to the realisation that Pintoy is one of my favourite toy companies. Even though I don’t even own any of their products,  almost by osmosis Pintoy has become a part of mine and my children’s playtime.

Next time you visit your parent and toddler group or that trendy child friendly cafe, take a good look at some of the toys. I will take a bet that amongst those toys will be some wonderful wooden creations made by Pintoy.

These are not the kind of toys that are advertised in a big flashy television campaign, or tied into a cartoon franchise but children instinctively enjoy them anyway.

Pintoy is a Thai company which uses Rubberwood to make it’s toys. Rubberwood is harvested from replenishable forests when the Rubber trees have reached the end of their natural cycle. Pintoys are distributed throughout the U.K by John Crane Ltd.

I love the look and feel of wooden toys and their everlasting appeal. Whether they’ve moved on from Finley the Fire Engine to Fireman Sam, the wooden fire engine will always be a children’s favourite. There also so hard wearing and sturdy as well, Ive been going to the same toddler group for over 3 years and the dolls house still looks brand new.

Since beginning to write this site I’ve become acutely aware of what toys my children are playing with, Whether that’s at home, at a friends house, in the toyshop or even at the Doctor’s surgery.

So whilst at my local parent and toddler group, I picked up a few of the toys my sons always make a beeline for . On closer inspection I found  that all the wooden ones were made by Pintoy. That night I took a look at their website and was surprised at how many products I already knew and my sons had already played with.

A big design feature I’ve noticed with a lot of Pintoy products is that their really geared towards co-operative play. The Woodlands dolls house and Fire engine for example both have removable roofs to help make room for lots of little hands to get inside and explore.

The kitchen set is a great height for youngsters and with no electronic lights or sounds, it’s perfect for take some good old imaginative play.

My sons have also always enjoyed playing with the rainbow slope, where you push small cars and they roll down a series of slides until reaching the bottom. They always run straight for this when we visit the cafe, and I’ve seen countless other children doing the same.

I think it’s good for them to play with different toys when we go to new places, but I love them so much I want some in our home. So I’ve decided that their will definitely be some Pintoy toys on their birthday and Christmas lists, even if they don’t know that they want them yet.

Hey everybody, it’s Mickey Mouse


Both my sons are mad about Mickey mouse clubhouse, but im finding it hard to find any good quality toys for them.

Everything seems to be only available in America or Not quite what im looking for, but now I now i’ve found something that my boys will love playing with together and that I consider to be a quality product worth spending money on.

The Brio Mickey mouse clubhouse play table looks like a really well made product as soon as you see it. Im a big lover of wooden toys at the moment, and love that it’s a train set as I can see my boys playing with it for a good few years rather than just a Mickey plush or something that will get too babyish soon.

I really like that a lid comes off the top and revels a drawstring hanging basket for tidying away all the train and track (a mother definitely thought of that). 

At the moment, it dosn’t look to be readily available at the moment  but I found it on Amazon and it’s now top of my to get list.

If any ones got this and has any feedback or just has an opinion on it please leave a comment.