Lite Sprites – Review

Lite Sprites from WowWee are an innovative range of toys for girls that change colour as if by magic.

Coming from the land of Lite-Topia, the Lite Sprites use the lights and different colours to express their moods and feelings.

There are 4 sprites which make up the group of colourful fairy friends, Prisma, Astra, Meadow and Brooke. Bleak is the bad girl of the bunch, who uses her powers to suck away colour from Lite-Topia.

We’ve had lots of fun here at the Toybuzz Household with the Lite-Sprites toys we were sent.

We started off with the Prisma figure who comes with her own Lite Wand. This is probably the first thing you’ll want to get, if your planning on starting a Lite Sprites collection. The Lite-Wand really is the star of the show, and only available in the pack with Prisma.

Prisma comes sitting on her pod, which can be attached onto the Tree of Life Lite-Sprites Playset. The Tree Of Life is the focal point of Lite-Topia, and can have up to 4 Pod’s attached at a time. All the Sprites come with a pod included.

The main point of the Lite-Wand is that you can magically catch colours and pass them onto your Sprites, amazing your friends and family in the process. Jacob and Thomas were certainly amazed the first time I showed them the wand!

You can collect colours using the colour wheel which comes with Prisma and the Lite-Wand, or amazingly you can just press it down on any colour around you and the wand will recognise it and collect the colour. You can then feel like a real wizard casting spells, when you press your wand towards your Lite-Sprites and watch as they change to that colour.

As well as just changing your Sprites colour – which face it is pretty cool as it is. You can also play games with the Lite-Wand like Color Match. In this game the wand will flash a colour and you have to find something to match that colour (either with the colour wheel, or something else around the house) and press the wand down to catch that colour.  There is also another game called Color Mix where two colours and lit and you have to find the colour that will be made when you blend those two together.

Another aspect of the wand is spell casting with Bleak spells. Bleak remember is the naughty Lite-Sprite who wants to steal everyone else’s colours. I have to be honest I read the instructions for the spells, but didn’t really understand what I had to do or what it was about. I’m not sure if that was because I didn’t have the Bleak figure. Maybe if I had Bleak when I was casting spells something would have happened differently.

The Tree of Life which I previously mentioned is one of 5 Lite-Sprite playsets that are available. Theres the Swing, Windmill, Waterfall, Flower, and the main attraction the Tree of Life. All the playsets can be connected together easily, with the Tree of Life taking centre stage, and all the others branching off it.

The Playsets are a place for your Lite-Sprites to go and play. They all have music and lights, and although not necessarily needed, they all add something to the magic of the Lite-Sprites.

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The Lite-Sprites are going to be a big hit with the girls this Christmas. In my opinion it’s definitely  a good choice for an Xmas gift. I’m obviously not in the target age-range for this…not by a long shot, but I can just imagine getting my hands on this when I was a little girl and absolutely loving it. The way you can change the colours with a flick of the wand is truly magically, and you really do feel like a fairy princess or wizard.

A big thumbs up from Toybuzz for the Lite-Sprites!


Fin Fin Friends

Looking through the list of searched for items on Toybuzz over the last few days, One name stands out…Fin Fin Friends. So giving the reading public what they want I decided to check this new Toy craze out.

FinFin friends are a new and exciting take on the virtual pet, he’s a fish which will play, laugh, and grow as you take care of him.

I can see little girls absolutely loving this idea. You get a cute little pet to love and take care of, and also an ultra girly pink palace for him to live in. It’s more Barbie Dream house than fishbowl.

How it works

You start off your playtime with your Fin Fin friend by emerging him into his fishbowl full of water you’ve added, by sending him down the curvy slide attached to his home.

Once splashed down FinFin will swim around and play happily on his own, However what this little fish really needs though is for you to play and care for him.

  • Press the food button on the side and he will virtually gobble down some tasty treats
  • Speak to him and he will respond
  • You can tell his emotions from the different sounds he makes, Shout and he will become frightened, Play with him and he will be happy
  • Play some music and he will happily dance along. Your Fin Fin has 3 secret dances, the more you interact with him the more likely you are to get him to show you all three.
  • Teach your Fin Fin new tricks by tapping the sides of the fishbowl.
  • Each Fin Fin has three different levels of ability to grow into. He starts at level 1, The more you play and interact with him the more social, smarter and outgoing he will become.

I predict these little fishy friends to be a massive hit with the girls this christmas, I’m even pretty sure that my boys would love them too as they’re always nagging at me to buy them a pet…If only it wasn’t so pink.

There maybe hope for Thomas and Jacob ahead, as the below advert I found shows a few different Fin Fin playsets which you can join and link together. More importantly some of them do seem to be free of Pink, so maybe the boys can get some Fin Fin action after all.

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