Toy filled Advent Calendar’s – Lego, Playmobil, Moshi Monsters and More

Last year we as a family had the pleasure of reviewing the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. It was our first foray into the world of the filled advent calendar, before that we’d always gone with the traditional chocolate ones. After the excitement of getting a new Lego Star Wars toy everyday I think the days of the chocolate calendars are over for us, It was just too much fun.

The main plus point of them is that instead of a small insignificant piece of chocolate every morning, you now get a really cool toy which your youngster will obviously get x100 more play out of. The Santa Yoda we had out of the Lego Star Wars advent calendar last year has been played with most days for the last year.

The downside is they do tend to be rather expensive. However if you have a young Lego Star Wars, Playmobil or Moshi Monsters fan than they act as an early christmas present every morning leading up until the big day.

The big 2 brands that everyone instantly thinks of are the Lego and Playmobil calendars. However I was surprised by how many of these toy filled advent calendar there are available right now. The Moshi Monsters Moshlings Advent Calendar is a new one for this year, and I can imagine it being very in demand.

Here’s a round-up of all the toy filled advent calendars on the market right now:

Lego Advent Calendar’s

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012  – Fans of last years Father Christmas Yoda will love this years calendar featuring Santa Darth Maul and Snowman R2-D2.

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Lego City Advent Calendar 2012 – It’s Christmas time but Santa’s sleigh is stuck in the snow. Open the 24 doors of your calendar and collect all the minifigs, tools and vehicles needed to rescue Santa in time.

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Lego Friends Advent Calendar 2012 Celebrate Christmas Heartlake City style with the Lego Friends advent Calendar. 

Lego Friends: Friends Advent Calendar (41382) (IWOOT) IWOOT Logo


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Lego Friends: Friends Advent Calendar (41382) (Zavvi) Zavvi Logo


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Playmobil Advent Calendar’s 2012 

 Playmobil Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar  

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Playmobil Pirates Treasure Cave Advent Calendar 

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Playmobil Princess Wedding Advent Calendar 

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Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar 

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 Various other Character filled Advent Calendars I found

Moshi Monster Moshling Advent Calendar 2012 

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Barbie Advent Calendar 

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Zhu zhu pets Advent Calendar 

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Littlest Pet Shop Advent Calendar 

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Advent Calendar 

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Hello Kitty Advent Calendar 

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Zhu Zhu Pets : Quest for Zhu – Review

Yesterday whilst my oldest was in school me and Jacob sat down and enjoyed the new Zhu Zhu Pets movie – Quest for Zhu. If truth be told I didn’t think Thomas would be too interested, so that’s why we watched it on our own. However after seeing it I think I’ll be sitting down and watching it tonight with both of them as Thomas is a sucker for a good story and he will love this.

The film is all about last years toy of the year the Zhu Zhu Pets. It stars everyone’s favourite Zhu Zhu Hamster Pipsqueak, we’ll she’s my favourite anyway as she’s the one that I have. In the movie Pipsqueak gets into an argument with her owner Katie and not realising how good she has it wishes she could be somewhere else where she is more appreciated. Pipsqueak’s shooting star appears and magically transports her to the other side of the Zhuniverse, where she meets some other Zhu Zhu pets Mr Squiggles, Chuck and Num Nums. All the hamsters seem to be searching for something, so when Stinker the Skunk tells the gang about the palace of Zhu where the mysterious Zhu Fu can make all their dreams come true they set off on an adventure.

After travelling through the Amazhun jungle, and snow-capped mountain ranges they finally get to the palace of Zhu. Unfortunately for them the adventure is only just beginning as they find out Zhu Fu and the other hamsters have been captured by the evil Mehzula. Will Pipsqueak ever make it back home to Katie?

There are some great musical numbers in the movie which had my little one up and dancing around, I especially like the ‘No Place like Here’ song which I’ve added as a treat for you at the bottom of this post. Check out the song, it’s very catchy. Also be sure to check out Zhu Zhu Pets : Quest for Zhu it’s a great film for all the family.

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Zhu Zhu Pets : Quest for Zhu Trailer

This is the music video from the film



Zhu-Zhu Pets Big City Playset

You might remember me mentioning a few days ago Toys R us running a Batman promotion, well me and the family went down so the boys could have their photos taken with Batman, and I went browsing the aisles looking for some new and interesting toys to feature on Toybuzz.

Well something did catch my eye, the Zhu Zhu Pets Big City Playset. It’s a Toys R Us exclusive, so this is probably why I haven’t come across it before.

At first the £99.99 price tag might seem daunting, but when you consider this against the cost of buying all of the pieces separately it suddenly seems like quite a good deal.

In the Giant Hamster City box you’ll find A :

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Car and Garage
  • Hamster Ball
  • Tunnels connecting all the various room together
  • and finally two Zhu Zhu pets to start off your collection

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I’m probably a bit behind with all of the new Zhu Zhu pets, as I haven’t really been part of the whole Go Go / Zhu Zhu craze. However I did notice a lot of new furry characters I hadn’t seen before lining the shelves.  Apart from the new Kung Zu range of warrior hamsters for the boys, the new Zhu Zhu Pets Rock Star’s definitely got my attention. With their striking Punky hairstyles, and ever so cool names plucked direct from some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity children, the Rock Stars are a welcome addition to the Zhu Zhu pets line.

There’s also the Woody Wagon and Skateboard to consider, Large range of adorable hamster outfits, and don’t forget the Zhu Zhu Pets and Kung Zu Nintendo DS games.

It looks like the Go Go pets/ Zhu Zhu craze has a lot longer life than I at first gave it credit for, and that these insanely cute furry creatures will be around for a lot more Christmas’s to come.

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