Cbeebies Song Time Album – Review

If your looking for the perfect totally risk free Christmas gift for your toddler I think I may have found it in the Cbeebies Song Time CD. This two CD set released today 22/11 just in time for the big day, would make a great gift for even the smallest of Cbeebies lovers.

This lovely collection has a total of 50 songs across the 2 cd’d, including hits from all of the best loved Cbeebies shows like ZingZillas, In the Night Garden and Charlie and Lola, and also some of the lesser known tunes like Garth and Bev, the Space Pirates and Little Robots. I think the CD has the perfect mix of the obvious favourites and the more unusual theme tunes you wont find on other albums.

Jacob is 3 in 2 weeks and probably at the main target audience age for this CD, and he gave it two big thumbs up (mainly because it has Gigglebiz and Show Me, Show Me on it, which are his favourite).

He’s been a bit ill this last week with a nasty case of Chickenpox, so once he had some energy and felt a little better he had a great time dancing round the living room, and singing along to the theme tunes. Thomas had a great time too, although he won’t admit to it as he’s “too old” for Cbeebies now apparently.

I’m going to take the Song Time album to his birthday party and play it whilst all the kids run around, and when we all play Pass The Parcel. I know it’s going to go down a storm with all of his Cbeebies loving classmates, just as much as it has at home.

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