Chameleon Crunch – Review

The next review from our Mattel Fun Times board game box is Chameleon Crunch.

As with all the games featured in the Fun Times campaign, It’s fun, simple to set up and play, and takes under 20 minutes to play.

Again as this game is so easy to set up and play, I left the boys to this one whilst I made the tea after school. From all the giggles and laughter I could hear from the Kitchen, it went down well.

The main attraction of the game is the walking, talking blue Chameleon. The aim being to throw in the colourful bugs when he stops walking and opens his mouth.

He doesn’t actually leave his mouth open for long, so you’ve got to be quick. Also if it doesn’t quite go in properly, next time he opens up your bug will fall out.

The game is suitable for 2-4 players, so there are 4 different types and colours of bug. For younger players it’s easier to all choose a colour to feed the Chameleon. Older children can all choose a different bug type to feed him.

As it was only my boys playing, they both had 2 different colours to collect. Ensuring that all the bugs would get picked up.

To begin the game the instructions say to lay all the bugs out in a 5ft diameter circle, and the Chameleon is supposed to travel around the circle and you throw the bugs in as he passes. However we found that the Chameleon deviated from his circular path quite often, and even when he does stop you’ve got to be so quick to get the bugs inside his mouth. So for us we divided the bugs onto piles, rather than place them in a circle around the floor. It may not be exactly as the instructions suggest, but we found it made for a better game for our family.

The only very slight negative I have is that the Chameleon comes without a tail, and you have to attach that before you start. The only problem is that once attached  it does not come back off. And once on the Chameleon will not fit back into the box properly again. Only a niggle, nothing too serious I know. But annoying when you want to store the game. Parts can easily go missing as the box is not closed securely.

The box recommends it’s for players aged 4 upwards, but I think a bit younger would be fine too. Little ones will love running after Mr Chameleon.

The game needs 3 AA batteries which are not included, so be sure to have some ready for Christmas Day!

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