Children in Need’s Pudsey and Blush hit Build-A-Bear Workshop

Children in Need is on the 18th November this year, and Build A Bear Workshop have made it even easier this year to do your bit with their new Pudsey and Blush bears.

Build a Bear very kindly had Thomas and a few of his friends over a few weeks ago for a birthday treat (which was amazing, thank you so much!), and Pudsey was the lucky bear that Thomas choose to come home with us (Albeit in a Spiderman costume rather than those spotty pyjamas, but a Pudsey all the same)

£5 from each Pudsey and Blush Bear you make at Build A  Bear workshop will be donated to BBC Children in Need, plus an extra £1 from every item of Spotty Children in Need clothing like the T-shirts, Pyjamas, or Blush’s Dress.

Pudsey and Blush bears and accessories can be bought from with the Build A Bear Workshop Shop’s or Online at

Taking your youngsters to Build A Bear Workshop and getting a Pudsey or Blush is a great way to donate to the cause, whilst getting a lovely treat all for yourself too!



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