Christmas in July #1

The last few weeks have been a very busy bunch in the toy world.

This is the time of year when all the toy companies and PR agencies hold little get togethers under the title of ‘Christmas In July’. A time for gathering all their latest and greatest products that they are hoping will be the big draws on Santas list for the upcoming holiday season.

Last Week I attended two such events, and made it back alive to tell you all about it.

Firstly I’ll start with Tuesday at Evolution Pr’s Christmas in July event. This is one of the big press preview events for toys, and with nearly 30 different exhibiting companies there was plenty on offer to catch my eye.

There was honestly so much that I had the privilege of seeing, but it would take me all day to go into absolutely everything. So this is just my taster of all my favourite bits.

The first stand I visited was Goldfish & Bison, who are a british company which distribute a range of classic brands like Spirograph and Simon, and totally new products such as Laser Pegs and Trendiy Art.

They had an amazing stand full of some really interesting and innovative products.

Laser Pegs are a new type of construction brick, and I can see them being a massive draw this Christmas time.

These brilliant bricks light up in vivid rainbow colours when you connect them up to their battery pack or a battery base plate.

Another product which I think could do very well is the new Spirograph Studio set.

The set contains all the Spirograph stencils that we all remember, but the new addition is the ability to now view your spirally creations in 3D thanks to the special 3D Ink pens and optical viewing glasses. I had a little go myself and it really did work, and at RRP £24.99 for the set its excellent value for money.

I also had great fun trying out their brand new board game Creepy Hand. It’s a kiddie version of truth or dare, but with a creepy disembodied hand wandering around the table. Whoever the hand stops and points its bony finger at is the unfortunate player who has to answer the question.

Next up I moved on over to Bladez Toyz to check out their huge range of Radio Controlled toys.

Unfortunately those incredible inflatable Minions you can see aren’t actually in production as yet, but I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on one of those soon.

The R2D2 is available though, and he’s very cool too. The toys have to be pumped up first before you can play, but you get the foot pump in the pack. The controls are very simple to use, and being inflatable it wont hurt your toy if you keep on bumping them into the furniture!

I also loved Bladez Toyz range of Gyro Helicopters, which had some extra special skills. Available in 3 different versions, one of the helicopters will shoot bubbles, another water, and the last will shoot tiny projectile darts.


I could have spent all day over at The Trash Pack table taking in the vast array of Trashie products they had on show.

The new Trash Pack Playset for this Christmas will be the Sewer Dump. It’s like a dirty and filthy Trashie theme park, with rides and slides, and lots to keep fans happy








The highlight of the whole show for me was the Schleich stand. I was totally blown away by their new Dragon Knights range.

The attention to detail in these Dragon and Knight figures was incredible, and I loved the whole concept of the two groups of warrior knights battling it out.

I really hope that the Dragon Knights from Schleich do well, and I urge you all to check that range out.











Over at Flair, I saw lots of Doc McStuffins toys, Turtles and even more Trash Pack. However there was one new property from them that really stood out, a range of dolls called Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets.

Pinkie Cooper and her friends are high fashion pets which love jet setting around the world come with their own Passports.

Strangely even though they are all dogs themselves, they also travel with their own miniature pet pooches.

I loved the styling of Pinkie, and if you have a little budding fashionista in the making I’m sure Pinkie and her Pals would go down tremendously well.



With that I set off back home for the day, only to be back a few days later with the kids in tow for the Mi-Christmas Open House. I’ll give you all the low down about that tomorrow :0



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