Chuggington Diecast – Review

Were big fans here at Toybuzz of the Chuggington interactive railway toys, but this week we were sent some of the Diecast range to try.

Immediately as soon as we opened the box, the Action Chugger Carry Case caught Jacob’s eye. He’s always been one of our favourite Chuggers, so to have his happy and smiling face on the carry case was lovely.

The case is brilliant, perfect for storage obviously, but also a toy in itself as it’s on wheels.

Both sides open up, and in total you can fit up to 17 characters inside including some space for the larger chuggers like Harrison and Emery. Somewhat disappointingly though the case doesn’t come with any trains included, so those will have to be purchased separately.

We were sent a Diecast Koko, Brewster and Wilson to play around with, plus a Straight and Curved Track Pack. The trains fit inside the case well, and it’s great to have somewhere to store them when they are not being played with.

The Straight and Curved Track Pack is a perfect little set for playing with your Diecast trains. The track is small and simple enough that youngsters will really be able to use their creativity planning out routes for the chuggers, without being overwhelmed or getting bored with too many parts. Also would be excellent for taking away and travelling with, as it’s easy and quick to put out and play and then store back in the box. The boys have already asked if they can take it away with them to the caravan next week, and I think it’ll be wonderful for that.

Thanks Tomy for sending us the Chuggington Diecast toys for us to test.

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