Chuggington Interactive Wash and Fuel set – Review

After me telling the boys about all of the amazing new Chuggington products I saw at the Learning Curve stand at Toy Fair last month, they were obviously over the moon when they were sent over the new Chuggington Interactive Wash and Fuel set to review.

This set comes with Brewster, the fuel depot, Chug Wash and a figure of eight track with the added bonus of the pillars meaning the track goes over and under a bridge.

Whether you buy this set as your first Chuggington Interactive set or add it onto your existing collection, you wont be disappointed. For a first set the amount of track is perfect, and when you add it onto your other sets like we with the All Around Chuggington Set, have you will have an amazing Chuggington world to play with.

The best thing about the interactive Chuggington sets is…well how interactive they are! As your chugger approaches one of the two stops they will say something to let you know that they know where they are, I’ve found that some Diesel Chuggers like Wilson and Brewster will say “Time to fill up” but Koko will say “Time to charge up” as she’s an electric train.

With the fuel depot there are three buttons, one for diesel, one for electricity, and one for water, and each button will give you a little noise like running water or electric charge. It’s fun that with the diesel trains if you press the electric button they will say “oww”, call my boys sadists but they enjoyed hearing Action Chugger give a little squeal when they gave him an electric charge. Likewise if you give Diesel to Koko she will say “I’m an electric chugger”, she does however still take on water which i’m not sure would be right.

With the Chug Wash there are another three buttons, One for Water, one of the bubbles and the last one is for drying your chugger of course. There is a little crank on the side and a clip on the inside which holds the trains in place. When you turn the crank the train will rock back and for getting a wash on the rollers, a window on the side will light up as your chugger moves.

As with the All Around Chuggington set you are going to need to stock up on batteries again as this set takes 8 in total. You get 2 included in Brewster, but both the Fuel Depot and Chug Wash take 3 batteries each. In the sets defence the interactive elements are amazing and so I realise with all of the included Smart Talk technology you need a lot of power, and also the batteries I put in my All Around Chuggington set when I took it out of the box last year are still in there so at least they don’t run out too quickly.

I was slightly disappointed that the fuel depot pump will not work if you try to press it into the train at all as you need to press the pump down to far. My sons were obviously trying to press the pump into the top of the trains, but this wont work as the pump needs to be pushed down further than the height of the trains to engage. As a result you have to push the pump down in front of the train, rather than on top. This is not a big thing as the boys soon realised what was happening and got used to it, but I was still surprised this part didn’t work a bit better.

These small criticisms aside I think overall the Chuggington Interactive Wash and Fuel set is great as a first set although you will probably want some more Chuggers to join in the fun, but even better as an addition to any other Chuggington Interactive set you already have.

Here’s a picture of our now huge Chuggington world we have made by adding the All Around Chuggington and Wash and Fuel sets together. Hours of fun to be had!

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