Chuggington Toys

The wait is almost over, finally some Chuggington toys are coming! and for my little one they can’t come quickly enough. He’s already renamed all of his cars so he can play a Chuggington game, we have red Lightning Mcqueen now called Wilson and a Green car now known as Brewster. Hopefully from the end of March Lightning can go back to being a car, and we can have some proper chuggers in the house.

Learning Curve’s new range of Chuggington toys are due to hit the shops on the 22nd of March, however they are available on Amazon and Toys R Us online to be pre-ordered now.

Apart from the obligatory die-cast figures, we can also look forward to a full on Chuggington world of tracks and sheds. The Repair shed, Trainee Roundhouse and Training yard playsets will all connect together with track to create a giant Chuggington empire. As you can see from this US commercial when they are all joined together the set is huge!

Learning Curve seem to be releasing the playsets with a delay in between, the repair shed will be the first to come out.

The Chuggington Repair shed will have three seperate areas for your little one to play with. You will be able to send Brewster to the scanner for diagnosis, Use the correct tool to fix the problem and then afterwards wash your chugger and send him on his way. The Repair shed playset is released on the 12th March, and will come with it’s very own die-cast Brewster to use with it.

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The Trainee Roundhouse will be next on May 1st. You get your own Koko with this iconic piece from the Chuggington show. No game of the show wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the roundhouse. You can change tracks and choose which house your train will come out of, and of course see all your chuggers off to bed inside the roundhouse at the end of a long day.

The most appealing to my young son is the Training Yard complete with loop. LaunchWilson around the training loop, through obstacles and watch as he powers round the loop at high speed.

You can also join multiple chuggers together and watch as they all go around the loop together. Looks like great fun!

Jacob will have to wait until June 1st for the Training Yard be released, however that does give him more time to nag at me to get it when it comes out.

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My favourite of the new items is the Wilson Storage case, probably because i’m a mum and storage always appeals to me. With this fun case in the shape of friendly chugger Wilson, you can keep up to 17 die-cast Chugginton figures safely stored and easily transported.

The Case also has wheels, so I can imaging my two boys wheeling this big Wilson around and playing with it just as a big train as well as storing the little trains inside.

I’m also happy that they made a die-cast of Frostini, because he is my favourite chugger. What can be better than an ice cream cone making train, he’s fantastic!

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So after what seems like an eon for young Chuggington fans, finally the toys are coming. Typical British trains, you wait for ages and then they all come along at once!

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