Cloudbabies Toys – Review

Cloudbabies is the newest show on Cbeebies, and probably one of the cutest ever too.

Toddlers are currently loving the sky-high adventures of Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow, Baba Green and Bobo White. Along with their friends Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Star, the Cloudbabies spend each day looking after the Sky.

Although my 2 boys are a bit young now for the Cloudbabies, I took a look for myself and thought the whole show was lovely. For me it took me back to when I was little and used to adore Rainbow Brite, I think its obviously the Cloudbabies hair which reminded me of that.

To complement the show and keep the Cloudbabies adventures coming even when the show is over, Vivid have come out with a lovely range of Cloudbabies toys which are available now.

Cloudbabies Glow Baba Blue and Pink

Vivid kindly sent us the Baba Blue to take a look at.

Your little one will adore taking these little Baba’s to be with them at night.

As your tired toddler snuggles down into the duvet, either Baba Pink or Baba Blue will sing them the sweet Cloudbabies Lullaby as they drift off to sleep.

As your chosen Baba sing’s their star softly glows all the colours of the rainbow. It’s so pretty to watch, and i’m sure will help your youngster settle down for the night.

The Cloudbabies Glow Baba is a very sweet toy that any fan of the series would love to snuggle up with.

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Talking Cloudbabies

These soft Cloudbabies dolls will delight your little ones all day long.

Squeeze there tummy to hear one of seven phrases.

Choose from Baba Blue, Baba Pink, Baba Yellow and Baba Green

Each of the Cloudbabies say phrases particular to them, Like Baba Yellow asking “Do you like my paintbox?” and Baba Pink’s “Have you seen my duster?” and Baba Green’s “Time for me to clean up the garden”

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Cloudyhouse Playset

This toy version of the Cloudbabies Cloudyhouse is full of fun and has four different ways of play.

The three floors can be played with individually on floor level, or stacked onto each other to complete the cloudyhouse.

On top of the house sits the magical flying Skydonk, ready for Bobo White  to take him for a ride.

The set comes with an exclusive Bobo White figure, which I think only comes with the Cloudyhouse.

Plus Baba Pink’s bed, Bobo’s cot, Bobo’s highchair, chair, coffee table, and a sticker sheet.

Being able to play with all the floors separately mean no problems for little hands reaching in and getting to grips with the figures.

A cute playhouse that would be great as your little ones first.

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I really like the Cloudbabies range of toy, it’s colourful, thoughtful, creative, practical, and fun…just like the Cloudbabies themselves.






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