Come on Barbie, Let’s go birthday party!


Well, well how time flies, Barbie the all american blonde turned 50 this week. 

Living in a housefull of boys I don’t really get with dolls anymore,  but when I was younger I just loved them (as does every little girl I know).

Im a product of the 80’s, so as a young girl grew up in the middle of the doll wars, USA vs UK, Barbie VS Sindy. 

Okay so Sindy didn’t stand much of a chance against Barbie really, but I remeber when I was about 5 or 6 I much preferred Sindy but as I got a bit older I turned to the dark side and was definitely a Barbie girl, I think it was all the pink and glitter. 

I remember asking for a Barbie Ferrari for Christmas and one afternoon hunting all around the house looking for it (naughty I know). Very quietly looking in all the drawers till I eventually found it in the blanket box, and then had to contain my excitement until I could play with it on christmas day.

I never had a Ken doll though, I was mischievous and put Barbie with Sindy’s boyfriend Paul. I always prefered Paul, Ken was just too good looking, too perfect.

Ive got really vivid memories of the dolls house I used to play with. I’m not sure if it was Barbie’s or Sindy’s but it had three floors, a downstairs, upstairs and a roof garden with a open cage lift on the side which you had to wind up to get the dolls to the top. I’ve looked on the internet and can’t find any pictures or info but I can picture it clear as day (if I could find one on Ebay i’d probably buy one and relieve my childhood).

Apparently a first edition Barbie currently doll sells for an average of $27,450 whereas you’d only have to part with around £200.00 for an original Sindy, that dosn’t seem that fair I don’t think Sindy was that bad, but Barbie is such an iconic figure she just has so many more collectors.

Seems to me that Barbie is more about Dvd’s and merchandise than actual dolls these days, with all the cartoons and clothing taking more prominence than Barbie herself.Everytime I do see an advert on tv it’s for a dvd spinoff Barbie like Mariposa or Thumbelina. But little girls will always love playing with dolls so I think Barbie will be around for many more years to come in one form or another.

If anyone has any memories of Barbie or Sindy or toy memories in general, please get in touch and leave a comment.

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