Content & Calm Traykit Traveller Collection – Review

The School Holidays will soon be upon us, and up and down the country families will be up and out the door enjoying themselves. Whether that be a day trip to the beach, or a weeks holiday to Spain.

We’re all going to be busy out and about this summer, but maybe like me it’s the travelling to the destination which fills you with dread, even to the point that sometimes you need a holiday to recover from the stress of keeping your kids entertained on the way to your holiday!

Ok maybe this is just me, but I know that when we flew to Florida a few years ago I spent many sleepless nights worrying about what to do to keep the boys entertained on the plane. As it happens I was worrying over nothing as they were perfectly fine with their Nintendo’s and sticker books I’d packed (although getting something out of our bags every 5 minutes to keep them entertained got boring very quickly)

However  now we’ve booked to go again in January the dread is starting to return already.

Thankfully this time seems sure destined to pass problem free, and it’s all thanks to the TrayKit Traveller collection of kid friendly Travel Solutions from Content & Calm.

You may have seen these innovative travel bags on Dragons Den. They were invented by a mother of two who had enough of getting up and down on flights reaching for the kids things in the overhead locker.Amazing no-one thought of it before!

When the boys were offered the opportunity to test out the Traykit’s, it couldn’t have come at a better time. They were both due to go and spend the week with their Gran in the caravan, and were eager to take and test their Traykit’s out whilst they were there. I didn’t actually go with them, but still helped them both pack up what seemed like all their worldly possessions into their packs for the trip.

The Traykit is a really cool piece of kit for the discerning young traveller, and it  has multiple uses. You can either carry it by the handle, or carry it as a back pack. Inside you have plenty of space and pockets for pens, colouring books, toys, Nintendo ds and games, Just about anything really. It’s very roomy, and you can pack in loads and loads with no problems.

The brilliantly clever part of the Traykit is the fact that you can easily attach the backpack to the back seat of the car or airplane seat, and then instantly your kids have their own desk in front of them surrounded by fold up sides to make sure nothing goes rolling off the end.

The desk extends out and when at full length it’s massive and provides a massive amount of playspace. Brilliant for colouring, drawing, card games or as my youngest can attest to Lego castle building whilst travelling down the M4.

Traykit Traveller Set and Travel Bugs

As well as the Traykit Traveller we were also sent the TrayKit Traveller Set and some very cute Travel Bugs. The Travel Bugs are a set of seven plush bugs which you can clip onto your TrayKit. Theres plenty of characters to choose from including Peter Pirate Bug and ScubaBug. At will admit that at first I didn’t quite see the appeal of these fluffy little guys, but the boys however adored them and proudly had them hanging from their bags for the holidays.

The TrayKit Traveller collection is a set of highly useful travel accessories that again the kids thought looked really cool, and me as a mummy thought was very practical. The set consists of a Traveller Journal, Passport cover and Luggage tags.

The Traveller Journal is such a wonderful idea. It’s a fully contained set which has everything your budding travel writer needs to write some amazing trip reports. Inside the lovely case there are pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, and a travel journal book. The book asks questions like what did you pack, how are you getting there, things you’ve seen, there’s even a world map with stickers to show where you’ve been or are going.

The greatest thing about the Traveller Journal for me was the fact that Thomas actually used it properly. As I didn’t go with them to the caravan, when he came home we sat down and read the book and I could see everything he had been up to. Inside he had drawn pictures and written all about his trip, things like “We went to the park”, “I watched a movie” and “I bought some rock”.(the caravan holiday was in half term when the heavens decided to open all week, if you’re wondering why it seems a bit boring)

The passport holder and luggage tags we haven’t had use for yet, but with our Florida holiday coming up soon they will come in very handy.

My boys had a lot of fun on their caravan adventure. Although the weather was horrendous, their Traykits contained more than enough stuff to keep them entertained, so we can highly recommend them. They really did save the holiday, or perhaps more accurately my mothers sanity.

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Sorry - no matching products found.

Content & Calm search for Travel Ambassadors

Content and Calm the makers of the TrayKit are currently running a competition looking to find 10 TravelBug reporters, why not enter and maybe it could be you being whisked away with the family.

Want to win a family holiday to a luxury villa in Greece worth £4000 and become a Content&Calm TravelBug Reporter?

 Does your child love travelling and exploring? Are they the first to get on the crazy funfair rides and the most opinionated about which shop has the best ice cream? Perhaps they love to appear on the family camcorder and have a flair for reporting. If so, we’d like to hear from them!

 Our friends at Content&Calm are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a family holiday to a luxury villa in Greece worth £4000 plus 9 additional winners will each win a family day out in the UK.

 The 10 winning TravelBug Reporters will set off on an all-expenses paid adventure with their family and report back, sharing insider tips with all the Content&Calm fans out there as we create a series of online travel guide videos.

 For your chance to win simply create a short fun video of your child sharing their favourite holiday memories, its highlights and funny stories. Load your video entry onto the gallery and tell all your friends and family to vote you into the final!

To enter, visit the Content&Calm Facebook Page

 Looking for some inspiration for the Content&Calm TravelBug Reporter competition? Check out Content&Calm’s team member speaking to lovely Olivia about her favourite holiday.




2 thoughts on “Content & Calm Traykit Traveller Collection – Review

  • September 23, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Where can I find the bags shown on dragons den. My kids would love them

  • September 24, 2012 at 5:30 am

    Check the price compare box above, Halfords, Tesco, and Kiddicare all stock Content and Calm products.

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