Cuber In Training – Challenge Three

Here we are then – Judgement day!

All the hard work and training over the last few days has been building up to this.

I’ve been driving the family mad with my cubing. First few days because I was just staring at it blankly and getting cross with myself. And now that I can do it, I can’t stop myself.

I’ve just been practicing as much as I can. Every minute I can fit a bit in I’ve been cubing.

On the bus with my mini Rubik’s key ring, on the way to school, whilst cooking the dinner. I’ve even taken to leaving my cube by the kettle so I can have a go whilst it’s boiling and I’m making the tea.

Finally this morning I felt confident enough to start filming and timing myself. I’ve had a few goes – some went badly and I totally lost it, others went better but weren’t as fast as I’d have liked.

This is my fourth attempt at the challenge, and I’m finally happy with my time. In fact I’m over the moon with my time. My best time ever and I managed to get it on film!

If you want to see how I got on, and more importantly my time you’ll have to watch the video for yourself.

Be gentle with me please, It’s my first time on camera :)

Disclosure: I was sent various Rubik’s products in order to participate in the Cuber In Training programme


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