Cuber In Training – Challenge Two

Sooooo…. To be honest after a rocky start, I’m actually doing ok with my Rubik’s Challenge.

I started slowly, well at a snail’s pace to be honest. I sat swivelling the cubes around, staring at the instructions and getting absolutely nowhere.

Challenge one was complete the cube in under 20 minutes. Complete the cube at all would have been nice.

As I was getting nowhere fast with the official instructions I decided to go digging out another simpler way. I found a video where the top cross of the cube is completed a different way to the instructions we were given, and for some reason this clicked with me and I suddenly got it.

Strangely though, that same video suddenly lost me once I had completed the top layer. I went back to the official Rubik’s instructions and once again it clicked. As a result my method of completing the cube is a mish-mash of versions, but it seems to be working for me at the minute.  After having a Skype call with Daniel Sheppard one of the Uk’s top Cubers I felt better, as Daniel explained that most cubers have their own method and do things differently.

Challenge Two was to solve the cube in under 20 minutes but whilst undertaking another silly task. I decided to incorporate the cube into my everyday life and have a go at cubing whilst doing the school run. Luckily we have quite a simple route to school, and not many roads to cross, so I had a good clear run.

I’m really good at the top layer, even if I do say so myself, and did this easily without the instructions. After that I need the instructions to show me the algorithms, so had to get Thomas to shout out R, L, RI, B all the way down the road. We must have looked like a couple of loonies. I even pinned a copy of the instruction sheet to Jacob’s jacket and made him walk in front of me (when we were a suitable distance away from the school obviously)

I did ok surprisingly, managed to get the top and middle layer down, but then found it hard to concentrate and put one foot in front of the other at the same time.  Oh well, challenge three is beckoning – The big one. Competing against my fellow Cubers in Training to see who’s the fastest.


Disclosure: I was sent some Rubik’s products in order to participate in the ‘Cuber In Training’ Blogger programme.

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