Cut The Rope Talking Candy Monster Om Nom – Review

Cut the Rope and Om Nom have been really busy this summer holidays keeping Jacob occupied during car journeys, hairdresser and dentist appointments, and the long wait at the shoe shop when getting the new school shoes.

When not playing with the App on his iPod touch, he’s been having a candy crunching time with the brand new Candy Monster Om Nom we were sent last week by Vivid Toys and Games.

Whilst not described as a talking Om Nom, he talks as much as you can expect from an Om Nom. Chomping, Munching his way around the house.

The coolest thing about this new Om Nom is the pull-able candy in his mouth.

When you pull out the Candy sweet Om Nom will shuffle along on his bottom trying to retrieve it.

If you only pull the candy out slightly Om Nom will move and Chomp along, but if you pull it all the way out you get the added excitement of some music from the App too. Amazing!

We’ve been lucky enough to have another plush Om Nom which we reviewed a few months ago that’s been used in many games, but the new Candy Om Nom’s noises and sounds have definitely pushed him in front when it comes to playtime. ┬áThe boys just love his wobbly bottom shuffle.

Om Nom Treasure Hunts at your local Entertainer

If you’re looking for a bit more Om Nom fun then head over to your local The Entertainer Toy Store and check out when they are running an Om Nom Treasure hunt. Every Entertainer store in the UK is going to be running one. Kicking off on 29th August and running until 18th September.

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