Cut The Rope Toys – Review

My boys like most other children and adults, are app crazy. Were a very tech savvy family, so I suppose it was inevitable they would be so attached to their tablets and iPods.

Obviously with so much choice of tech in the house with iPads, Games consoles and tv, they do spend as much time as I let them looking at a screen. So monitoring screen time, and finding ways to get them off playing is very important to me.

Lego is a big draw that will get them creative and off the screens, but another trick I have found is bringing their favourite apps to life with related toys and creative play.

Jacob has a passion for puzzle games, and Cut The Rope is his favourite. He absolutely adores the little green guy Om Nom. So when we were offered the opportunity to review some of the new Cut The Rope toy range from Vivid, he was ecstatic

He had already been saving his pocket-money for a plush Om Nom after seeing the advert on Cartoon Network, so when he arrived it was a big surprise and caused great excitement.

We received a new Talking Om Nom in a brilliant brown box complete with a ‘Feed with Candy’ sticker. 10 out of 10 for presentation :)

Although he’s called Talking Om Nom, he doesn’t talk per say. Rather he will let out his familiar crunching and munching noises. Jacob has been transfixed with Om Nom ever since he arrived in the post, and he’s even taken to sleeping with him.

It’s lovely to see Jacob enjoying a bit of time away from the lure of the screen, as he has his favourite app buddy to play whatever he wants with him. They have been seen playing with cars, joining in with the Angry Birds plush collection, and I even saw him driving a tractor around the conservatory yesterday.

As well as the Talking Om Nom, Vivid have also released a series of small collectable Om-Noms similar to the Moshi Monster figures, called the Nommies. There are 32 figures to collect in Series 1 of the Nommies. 16 characters plus an additional 16 ultra-rare gold versions of the figures.

The Nommies are available as a blind bag (RRP £1.99) and the 5 figure collector pack (RRP £4.99)

Jacob is now saving up for the Nommies instead. He’s especially after the Nommie wearing 3D glasses, as this sends him into fits of laughter whenever he sees him.

Most children seem as enamoured with Om Nom as my Jacob is, so I think the small collectable Nommies could go onto being to be the next big playground craze

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