Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey

This is Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey, and if you’ve got children you’ll probably be hearing and seeing a lot more of him from now on as he’s predicted to be one of the most sought after toys this Christmas (requested by both kids and their parents alike)

This little monkey is making quite an impression within the industry too, having just been added to Hamleys Christmas hot list of toys for 2010.

Children will take great pleasure in being the centre of attention this Christmas, Gathering the whole family around and wowing them with their amazing pet monkey’s skills.  Much better than sitting round and watching the telly after the festive dinner.

Dave works by having tiny electronic motors all over his body, meaning you can make him move and act in a realistic manner just with a touch of your remote control.

With Dave the Monkey sat on your shoulder using the provided support, you can make him do over 33 individual actions like turn his head, or wave.

However the fun really starts when you combine the actions together, making the possibilities seemingly endless and letting his develop a personality of his very own.

Available from September,  I’d grab him while you can. You’d have to be Bananas not too love him!

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