Dinosaur Train – Review

 Monday 12th March, sees a new cartoon series start on preschool favourite Nick Jr called Dinosaur Train.

Brought to you by the Jim Henson Company and Created by Craig Bartlett of Hey Arnold! Fame, I was very happy when offered to take a sneak peek at the first two episodes.

The series is based around the Pteranodon family of Mum, Dad, Don, Tiny, Shiny, and Buddy. Buddy isn’t actually a Pteranodon, but when his egg hatched at the same time as his brothers and sisters he was instantly excepted into the family as one of them however different he was.

Buddy is always searching for answers to his many questions and queries, and they can usually be found by hopping on board for a trip on the Dinosaur train. On the Dinosaur they meet new Dinosaurs, talk to the friendly and very knowledgable conductor, and occasionally travel through the time tunnel to meet different species of Dinosaurs.

In the first episode they travelled all the way from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous to meet some Stygimolochs and find out about Dinosaurs with Horns.

Me and My 4yr old sat down this morning to give Dinosaur Train a go, and we both really enjoyed it. Jacob just sat there glued to the screen for 22 minutes, which is surprising for him as he’s usually half watching something and also playing with 3 different things at the same time. However Dinosaur Train got his full attention.

I was very impressed that the show didn’t dumb anything down at all. All the Facts included such as dinosaur breeds, and the different time periods  were all given their full proper names, not made up more palatable for kids versions.

The plethora of different Dinosaur’s featured is just immense, and not just the usual suspects which show up in all kids shows. Coming up during the first 10 episodes are  Palaeobatrachus,  Peteinosaurus, Corythosaurus, Argentinosaurus, and Ornithomimus. In this aspect Dinosaur Train shows pre-schoolers such a huge amount of respect, which is justified by the way that Jacob watched so intently.

Dinosaur Train starts 12th March on Nick Jr, and you can hop on board  at 4pm weekdays.








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