Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker – Review

I first saw the Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker at the Toy Retailers Association Dream Toys event, and was very happy to oblige when I was offered the opportunity to review it. Even though the boys weren’t really that interested, Thomas’ best friend Gemma was ecstatic when I asked her to take it home and try it out for me.

She’s five and very much obsessed with anything Disney Princess at the moment, but she also has a great fondness for Snow Globes too so this is quite possibly the perfect toy for her.

Inside the box is everything you need to make 3 Disney Princess Snow Globes, one each for Cinderella, Belle and Ariel. She was really surprised when we opened the box as she thought you only got to make one, so to be able to make three she was really excited. You get to make one pink, one darker pink and one yellow snow globe. It’s up to you which princess you place in what colour globe. The set also comes with 4 vials of glitter which you use as the snow.

Gemma was feeling in a sharing mood so we both decided to make one Snow globe each, she chose Ariel and I chose my favourite Belle from Beauty and the Beast. As well as a decorative princess to put in pride of place in the the middle of the snow globe, you get lots of decorative pieces of background to give your snow globe a personal touch.  There’s one sheet of plastic film extras themed for each of the Princesses, for example on Ariel’s sheet  you’ll find Eric, Ursula, Sebastian, Flounder and lots more.

Everything is made on the workstation which means everything is to hand and keeps mess to a minimum, although as you are working with glitter it’s a good idea to put a cloth or some newspaper underneath.

When you’ve decorated your globe and have it just as you want it, you then pop on the top and fill it with ordinary tap water using the included funnel. It’s incredibly easy to do, and the effect is amazing.

Spin the top and your Disney Princess will spin around in the water, turn the wheel on the base and the Princess will spin but the glitter will also blow around the globe.

Gemma was thrilled to bits and ran straight upstairs to put her Ariel Snow Globe on her dressing table and then came straight back down to make another one.

If you do eventually decide that you want to change the background, or you’d just like to make it again then it’s really easily done. You just drain out the water and then all of the pieces can be taken out and moved around or changed.T his is great as it means that the toy is not over when you have a finished snow globe, you always have the option to go back and do it all over again.

The Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker from John Adams is a great crafty activity that little girls will love, and the best part is you actually get something quite substantial out of it once all of the making is done. The fact that you get all of the materials to actually make 3 Snow Globes is amazing value for money, and it has tons of replay value considering how easy it is to drain and start again.

The perfect Christmas Gift for any little girl.

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