Do Play with your food


My most treasured toy when I was a little girl was the Al A Carte kitchen. Do you remember the advert with the girl making swiss roll and beans for her daddy, I loved that kitchen.

I think every child should have a toy kitchen when growing up, even if it’s just one of those small hobs if you haven’t got the space for a full kitchen. The fun of the kitchen is pretending to make the food, thinking up all the strange combinations. My son brought me gherkins and grapes pizza recently, lovely!

So I’ve been having a look around at all the different types of pretend food on the market, and there’s a lot more than there was in my day (oh I sound so old). Wooden play food is something that wasn’t around when I was younger but I think it’s marvelous, with brighter colours and being so hard waring it always looks so much better than the plastic kind. 

A new feature that keeps popping up in a lot of the products is Velcro. Being able to cut up and slice food and then stick it back together again afterwards is great fun. Thomas and Jacob both love the food that we have with Velcro, like a block of butter with a small piece at the end that can be cut off and fried in a pan then stuck back on.

Thomas is endlessly making me sandwiches, or super sandwiches as he calls them. There’s a few adorable sandwich kit’s out there, the Toy Shop Soft Baguette is real fun with slices of salami, cheese and lettuce in a soft baguette roll. Equally scrumptious is the Wooden Cut and Play Sandwich Set from Early Learning Centre. Coming with Slices of bread and a roll, you can decide which one you’d prefer for your pretend snack. Also includes slices of cheese, egg and gherkin and a little pot of jam.

I saw this in toy in the Early Learning Centre yesterday and thought it was inspired, a set of tins with a can opener that actually works! This is definitely going to be purchased for my son’s kitchen (just played with by me).

Something for the mums here, fancy a nice cup of tea? well your little one will be needing these. Coming in a lovely painted tin these four wooden drawstring teabags are sure to be your cup of tea! 

How about some delicious cakes with your tea they look exceedingly good. This set of 9 Petit Fours look amazing and delicious!

If you think they look good, take a look at this set of wooden ice creams. They are just so cute and would be brilliant being sold in a pretend shop or cafe. I love the fact that there’s different varieties of ice cream and also the lovely holder they come in.

Talking of shops there is also a few market stall products around that I’ve noticed, two lovely ones being Daisy’s Market Stall and the Santoys Wooden Market Stall. Both are perfect for setting up your child as the next Ian Beale, with their own fruit and veg stall. Crates of vegetables can be bought and stacked along the shelves. Good educational value to be had as well, if you include a cash register and the buying and selling of the food.

There is so much fun and interesting play food available I could write about it forever and ever, fortunately for you I won’t. I will just leave you with another one of my sons latest gourmet taste combinations, Broccoli on waffles anyone?

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