Don’t Take Buster’s bones – Review

This Monday was our first Games night as members of the John Adams Blogger panel, so we dived into the box we were sent and found ‘Don’t Take Buster’s Bones’ 

“Aw wow, Yeah” said Jacob “I’ve seen this on TV and it looks so cool” Ok so Buster it was.

The game is easy to set up, all you need to do is pop Buster onto his Dogbowl and then pour out the coloured bones into his bowl.

The game is simple to play as well. Each player takes it in turns to turn over a card. The card will tell you how many bones to collect and what colour.

You use the cat paw shaped tweezers to gingerly pinch the bones out of the snoozing Buster’s bowl. Be careful as if you wake him up you will definitely be in for a shock.

It’s the first ever game that has genuinely made me jump out of my skin, but in a fun way. Honestly – It’s hilarious. The ferocity of Busters bite totally threw Thomas and his usual hard man act, this alone is worth getting the game out and playing again and again.

Depending on how skilled with the tweezers you are, most games wont last that long. So in 20 minutes you can have a good number of goes, and everyones gets a few chances even if they mess up quickly first time around.

We did have a problem first off that even though Buster was biting, he wasn’t woofing at the same time. All that he needed was a reset, which is explained in the instructions and he was then fine and back to his noisy self.

‘Don’t take Buster’s bones’ is such a delight, and every time you can find someone to play with who hasn’t seen it before it’s even better. Priceless!

Don’t worry about Jacob’s reaction in the video, he’s just hamming it up for the cameras. He loves it really :)

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