Doozers go it alone

Really early heads up here!

A new television series has recently been announced based on the lives of the workaholic Doozers from the popular 80’s children’s television series Fraggle Rock.

Also with talk of a new Fraggle Rock movie ,theres no doubt that we will be seeing an accompanying set of Fraggle Rock and Doozer toys.

The Doozers were always my favourite part of the show with their funny catchy songs usually about something boring like work, Doozer law or even knitting in one episode.

Always busily constructing structures out of Radish dust ,that the Fraggles just came along and ate either afterwards or often in the middle of them building. Although that was the point, they wanted the Fraggles to eat so they would have more space to build again.

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There’s no mention on that the Fraggles will be in the new series, which begs the question what will happen when all the building space has gone?

Doozers need Fraggles, so we’ll have to see what happens.  The series is due to be aired in the U.S. in late 2010, so who knows when we in the U.K will be able to find out.

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