Dream Toys 2011

Today sees the release of the Toy Retailers Association’s list of Dream Toys for this Christmas 2011.

The main list of must haves for this holiday season are called the Dream Dozen, however there are also top lists of Boys,Girls, Preschool, Games, Creative, Constructive, Cool and HOT! Plus Kids Choice and Mums Choice Awards. So Basically every toy available this year will probably be on one of these lists!

Why they feel they have to issue so many lists I’m not sure, for me the Dream Dozen would be enough, so I’m only going to list the main list of top 12 toys.

So this Years Dream Dozen Are (in alphabetical Order)

All in all I think the list is pretty good, although I think there are a few toys missing that I definitely consider Top 12 material. So I’m going to write my own top 12 and post it up at the end of the week.


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