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If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that my youngest Jacob loves his Motorbikes! Well any vehicle to be exact, but possibly Motorbikes the most. I finally relented and have bought him the Handy Manny Fix It Right Motorcycle from the U.S, and will write up a review as soon as it arrives.

So having a mini Motorbike enthusiast for a son means that toy’s connected to motorbikes catch my eye quite often. Flicking through my edition of Mother and Baby yesterday, an advert for Chicco toys caught my eye. Especially their range of Ducati branded toddler toys! They looked so good I thought I’d take a closer inspection, and obviously fill you all in at the same time.

I love this mini Ducati Monster, it’s looks so cute! I can just imagine my little one sat on it, looking moody in a tiny leather jacket. I especially love that it’s a ride on for toddlers that doesn’t look to babyish, this will last from the minimum 18months until they are at least 3 or 4 and wont be cast aside because it’s for babies (like The ride on Thomas the Tank engine we had).

It has two sets of wheels to keep it extra stable for the little ones, and when they get a bit more adventurous you can remove the extra pair.

Loving the engine noises it makes too, whilst baby wheels around! My boys are having balance bikes this year, but if I was in the market for a ride on I think this would be perfect.

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I’d previously been looking into getting the R/C version of the Ducati 999 by Chicco for Jacob this Christmas, but Handy Manny’s Motorcycle adventure put paid to those plans (which is a bit of a shame as I know he would have loved it). This remote control motorbike is made especially for little speed demons as young as 2 years old, although i’m sure dad and big brother will enjoy playing along too! The chunky controls are prefect for smaller hands and with two simple buttons sending the bike left/right, forward or back it’s simple enough for little ones to get the hang of easily and quickly. The controls are also shaped like a mini version of the handlebars which is really cute.

You can be sure your mini Rossi will love the realistic Ducati engine noises it makes when it races around too!

You can get the Chicco Radio Control Ducatti Bike from the Entertainer.

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Another great Remote Control product from Chicco is the Ducati Grand Prix, a scalextrix like track for toddlers to race their Ducati’s around.

It comes with two infrared remote controlled motorbikes, and a simple figure 8 track complete a tyre bridge which is my favourite piece of detailing.

The motorbikes can also be used off the track too, which is handy.

The track has groves cut into it, to make it easier for little ones to keep their bikes on the track.

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And finally here’s one for the big boys! A battery operated Ducati Monster Ride on from Peg Perego / Mamas and Papas.

I really can’t believe how realistic it looks, it’s just like the real thing.

You get real sounding engine noises, horn and even hand grip accelerators.

Suitable from 3 years old, it also has removable training wheels for learner drivers.

Headlamp on the front is a great safety feature, but also looks really cool too.

Being a nice red colour I can see both boys and girls loving this bike.

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I really didn’t know there was so many Ducati toy’s out there, so here’s hoping you’ll have found something to keep your little petrol head happy!

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