Early Learning Centre Mobile Moon Base Review

Thomas received this as a gift from a friend when he was 2 years old and it was an instant hit and is still being played with today.

The moon base comes with a mobile unit, two spacemen, a robot and a space rock digger. 

The digger connects on to the front of the mobile unit and can pull it along.

The unit unclasps at the top and you pull down two flaps which act as a set of stairs and a solar panel. Inside is a computer screen and plenty of moulded things like coffee cups and there’s  plenty of room for the three figures. On the outside is a movable satellite dish.

The doors on the moon unit clip onto the sides but regularly fall off. This can be very frustrating for little ones as it needs a bit of force to put them back on. It’s easy enough for an adult to do, but you will be called upon a lot to do it.

The space digger has a shovel on the front and a space for a driver. There are no space rocks included in the set for the digger to collect, which would have been nice. My son found some small blocks that we used instead.

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My son went through a Lunar Jim phase about a year ago and this set complements those figures perfectly.

There are no sound effects and no flashing lights with this set which makes it a real delight, it’s just pure imagination.

In my opinion for the price of this set it’s great value for money, although a few more accessories like rocks or maybe an alien would have completed the set.

Currently Early Learning Centre are offering the Mobile Moon Base for just free when you purchase the Lift Off Rocket for £40.00, just put both items into your basket and it will amend the price at checkout. The Lift Off Rocket works really well with the Moon Base and also includes an alien in a crater , just what the Moon Base is missing.

I think this is a great deal and if you want the Moon base you should consider the extra to get the Lift Off Rocket too.

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