EggBods – Review

If your looking for a gift for the kids this Easter that will get a bit more use than a chocolate egg, why not try an EggBod!

Voted ‘Best Pocket Money Toy’ at this years London Toy Fair, EggBods are a range of ┬ásmall wind up egg shaped toys, all of which are named and themed after a series of really bad egg-related puns.

The full range includes:

Fireman Scramble – who comes with a fire extinguisher

Crack Commando – An army themed EggBod who comes with his own gun

Captain Hard Boiled – In charge of the most feared pirate ship around : The Black Pudding. He carries his trusty pirate cutlass around with him always.

Eggbot – Very cool looking steel egg who carries a laser

Eggalina Ballerina – Most brilliant ballerina on Planet Egg, and famed for dancing ‘The Shell Cracker’ and ‘Swan Egg’. Her accessory is a fairy wand.

Nurse Eggwhite – Her trusty nurse’s bag has everything to make ill EggBod’s better again

and finally my favourite pun

Eggs Factor – Star singer who appropriately comes carrying a microphone.

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EggBod’s are a really fun range of small toys, and the best part is that all the EggBod’s are interchangeable. So this means that kids can have a laugh coming up with their own eggy creations like combining Fireman Scramble’s head on Eggbot’s body to create ‘Robo Fireman’.

My only criticism would be that I think they missed a trick by not making them egg cups as well as toys, think they would have been amazing for dunking your soldiers into.

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