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It was only a matter of time wasn’t it until the amazingly cute Cbeebies hit Everything’s Rosie got its own toy range. To be honest I’m wondering what took so long, the show has been on for at least a year, and usually the toy line is only a few months after the shows debut. Anyway however long it’s taken, the Everything’s Rosie toy range is finally here!

The big hitter of the range is probably the Ring o’ Rosie, perfect for fans of the shows increasingly catchy theme tune (especially the ooooh at the end). Ring O’ Rosie will sing the theme tune to Everything’s Rosie every time you hold her hands.

My pick of the bunch has to be the Sweet Dreams Rosie, mainly because the adorably cute Raggles comes with this one too.

Perfect for snuggling up to at bedtime, Rosie will sing you a soothing lullaby as you drift to sleep. It’s great as a comforter for little ones too, as her cheeks glow lightly in the dark, just enough to give you youngster a little peace of mind at nighttime.

Everything’s Rosie My Best Friend has special sensors inside which let her know when you’ve picked her up. When you hold her hand or lift her up she will delight your young Rosie fan by talking and saying phrases from the show.

I also love the model toy of Rosie’s scooter you can get, or Rosie’s Twooter as it’s officially called. I’ve never actually heard it called a Twooter in the show, but maybe I’ve not been paying enough attention. (Writing this I’ve just realised why it’s called a Twooter not a Scooter, but I still think it sounds a bit silly)

The scooter or Twooter, whatever you want to call it, comes with A Rosie and Raggles figure which you can play with on or off the scooter. When placed onto the scooter their heads will bob up and down as you push it along. It will also play sounds and phrases from the show while it’s being played with.

As well as these toys there are also jigsaw’s, a Musical Tv and even a game available now. I even found this gorgeous Everything’s Rosie Duvet Set with a big picture of Rosie on it, and Curtains to complete the room too. Looks like now the ball has started rolling on the merchandise there’s going to be no stopping it!

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