Fisher Price Little People Pop Up Garage Review


I requested that my mother buy this for Jacob (our youngest) for Christmas as I thought it would be something that him and Thomas could play with together.

After the madness of Christmas day (everyone ill, getting up at 3am, toys everywhere) I got it out the box and attempted to put it up on boxing day morning.

My first thoughts were considering this is supposed to be a pop up tent, why does it come with so many poles?

I found it very confusing to put together for some reason that I can’t explain. When it’s all put together it looks really simple, I can’t work out why I find it so hard to do. 

The instructions are simple enough to follow. Although there are 4 different lengths of poles, each with different number stickers on them. I didn’t see the stickers until I took it apart, I was just guessing by the length.

 I’ve put it up about 4 times since Boxing Day and looking at the stickers, but it still took my 10 minutes to do.

Once assembled the first thing that hit me was how flimsy it is. Any movement and it bends all over the place. Thomas tried to use the petrol pump which is Velcroed onto the garage, but when you pull it off the whole garage bends.

The packaging states it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and It comes with pegs to hold the corners down. Maybe the garage would be more sturdy when used outdoors with the pegs, but unfortunately I don’t have a garden suitable for  testing that out.

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I think the reason its so unstable is the canopy roof, to accommodate the car wash. As there’s a large gap between the main part of the garage and then the outside wall for the cars to pass through, it just makes the structure too unsteady. Which is a pity as it’s a really good idea but it doesn’t work.

It comes with a small box which you place in a pocket on the main garage. When pressed you get the sound of a truck honking it’s horn, my littlest loved this. He loved it so much he got inside the pocket and stole the sound box, and has placed it in a hidey hole only he knows about.

It’s remarkably easy to tidy away. Just take out all of the poles and then twist the main body inside itself, it sounds more difficult than it is. Saying that, the picture on the box has a neat and tidy package being placed underneath the bed. I don’t believe that the poles are inside this package as well, however small it folds up it needs to go back in its box with the poles.

I was disappointed with this product as I had high hopes for them both loving it and playing all day long. Unfortunately it just didn’t live up to me expectations and neither of my sons seem interested in it.

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