Free App Friday:Donut Maker – Review

This one is a bit simple, bit low-budget, but the perfect free App for entertaining toddlers and keeping them quiet for a few minutes. I play this one with my youngest son, and although initially I thought it was far too simplistic for him, he just keeps on asking to play it again and again.

Donut Maker is an iOS game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in which as the title suggests you get to make some yummy virtual doughnuts. It’s a lot like Cooking Mama on the Nintendo Ds, but more simplified.

You start off by dragging all the different ingredients into the bowl, and stirring everything up to make your donut mix. The pictures of the ingredients when added to the bowl are realistic, not cartoony. I like that as you mix the picture changes a few times to show that the mix is coming together, It looks exactly like the real thing would.

When your donut batter is ready it’s time to put them in the fryer and cook them until golden brown. I did think maybe this wasn’t the best thing to show Jacob, as you just drag the doughnuts into the hot oil and back out again onto the plate with your fingers. However we did talk about this and he said that he wouldn’t do that and would use a spoon instead, so that was reassuring. We don’t have a fryer so it’s not so much of an issue for me, but I thought I’d just flag it up as something to consider before you let your little one loose with the game.

After all that cooking comes the fun part, decorating your doughnut. Theres loads of coloured icing, sprinkles, and sweeties to decorate your donut with. There is the option to buy additional icing’s and toppings but I don’t think it’s really necessary as your given lots and lots of things to use already.

Final step is the actual eating of your donut. You do this easily by using your finger to take bites out of it until it’s finished. You get a satisfying munching sound when you take your virtual bite out of your sugary creation. Jacob always rolls around laughing at this point, he finds the eating noise hysterical.

It’s such a simple little game but it really is a lot of fun. The graphics aren’t going to blow you away or anything, but your toddler won’t mind. They will be too busy daydreaming of sweet laden donuts!

Donut Maker is a free app with the option of buying all the additional decorations and candy for £1.99. It’s available from the iTunes App store for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.



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