Free App Friday:Lego Friends Dress Up – Review

Me and my husband are self-confessed gadget geeks, we just love new technology. So it’s no surprise that the boys have already picked up on this and are growing up with computers and apps as a way of life.

I’m always on the look out for new Apps for the boys, and some are better than others, so from this week I’ve decided to turn my finds into a weekly blog post. So here it is – Free App Friday. Where I will be reviewing a kid friendly free App every week. Toy related if I can manage it, but if not just my favourite child oriented app I have found.

The first App I’ve found is the Lego Friends: Dress Up App. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In Lego Friends:Dress Up you play as Olivia. Your other friends from the Lego Friends gang Stephanie, Mia, Emma and Andrea take it in turns to pop over to your house for a meet up. The aim of the game is to copy your Lego Friends outfit within the time limit. You go into your bedroom and then change your hair, top, skirt or leggings, and shoes until you have exactly the same look as your pal. If you complete the task within the time limit you earn in-game money which you can spend on additional items for your wardrobe.

This App is not one I downloaded for the boys, it’s obviously one aimed more for the girls. However we were at a friends house and her daughter wanted to test out my iPad so I quickly downloaded this for her to play with. It’s a very simple game, but perfect for keeping young girls busy for a good while. A big plus is that it’s totally free, with no options to buy any extras, so no need to worry about ending up with a large bill for Lego Shoes.

If you’ve got a young daughter this App will surly be a big hit with her, it’s fun, helps to test the memory, and has clothes and shopping. All Add up to a great free App for the girls.

Download for free now: Lego Friends:Dress Up. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad




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