Free Muppets Stickers with Cravendale Milk Matters

I really am buzzing with excitement waiting for the new Muppets film to be released here in the UK. The kids are too, but only because I’m so up for it I think. The boys seem to think that the Muppets are the same as Sesame Street, which obviously they are not.

Although I’m not old enough to have watched the Muppet show when it was on TV originally, I did have a VHS best of compilation tape when I was younger which I watched to death. I also adore all the old movies like The Muppets Take Manhattan, Great Muppet Caper, and more recently Muppet Christmas Carol which is watched religiously every year.

Anyway to help you get through the hours until we finally get to go and see the latest Muppet movie extravaganza those kind folks at Cravendale are giving away free Muppet sticker sheets over at their website

Check out the website to apply for your free sticker set (as well as Kermit, other favourite Characters will also be appearing), view the exclusive downloads, and possibly blag yourself VIP tickets for the New Movie by sharing your Muppet Cravendale creations at


This is our Kermit which we had real fun making this morning. We had so much fun we got a bit carried away I think and made our own mini Muppet Movie. OK so it’s not a masterpiece, but we did do it quickly after breakfast before the kids went to school.





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