From Buzz Lightyear to Quinny Buzz

Since my current dalliance into blogging seems to be going well, I hope your all enjoying it anyway. I’ve decided to make the obvious progression for a mum and decided to start up a new blog called catchingly enough Parentbuzz.

I’ve found whilst writing Toybuzz that I had lots of baby products at home that would probably be best reviewed on a more general baby site as they are not strictly toys. Also the amount of pushchairs that i’ve been through, make me a qualified reviewer all on their own. My garage is like a buggy graveyard. So I thought i’d stop limiting myself to just toys and branch out into all things kids.

With Parentbuzz I’ll basically be carrying on the Toybuzz tradition of honest reviews, plus news, views and generally any baby/toddler/Youngster related stuff that catches my eye and fires up my enthusiasm enough to write about them.

My hubby will probably be popping in with his two-penneth about this and that as well, so their will be a daddy based views and reviews to be found too.

This does not however mean the end for my beloved Toybuzz, it just means theirs all the more buzz to go around.

So if your in the market for a new car seat, buggy, toddler bed check out Parentbuzz and see if anything takes your fancy.

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