Furby Boom

Yesterday I got a very intriguing email, simply containing this image and the words OH-KAH-TEE!!!

Obviously it’s a trailer for Furby Boom but apart from that your guess is as good as mine.

Is it a new Furby, or possibly a video game or App.

With a name like Boom I’m thinking it could be Music orientated.

I’m also thinking the colours must have some significance. I love the colour scheme, but can’t gain any insight from them.

The egg reminds me of a faberge egg, although what that means i’m not sure.

I thought the OH-KAH-TEE!!! might give me a clue, but checking with the Furbish Dictionary it just means OMG

So in conclusion I’m well and truly stumped as to what Furby Boom will be. Intrigued but stumped!

Anyone else have any ideas what this could mean?

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