Furry Frenzies FurrStars on tour – Review

For once It was me who was really happy with the postman this week, as we were sent the incredibly glittery and glamorous Senorita Scamps from the FurReal Frenzies FurrStars on tour range to review. We hardly ever get anything remotely girly sent to us, so I was over the moon to be able to partake in a bit of fury Frenzies fun.

FurReal Furry Frenzies are adorable little interactive pets which scurry around the floor at high speed prompting lots of giggles from mummy and Jacob. The added extra with the FurrStars on tour is that not only do you have a very cute pretend pet, they are also fully fledged pop stars with the songs to boot!

Our little Furry Frenzie is a little cat called Senorita Scamps, and when you press the button on her back she will dance around to the “Furry Frenzy Anthem” which all of the range have, and her own tune “Cat Romance” which rocks!

As well as having rock “n” roll hair, Senorita Scamps comes with a sparkly purple rock star outfit, a microphone, 2 concert tickets, and even a backstage pass. We were also sent a very cool disco ball to add to the ambiance, but alas this is not ordinarily included.

Other Furry Frenzies available in the FurrStars range are :

Zippy “Zip” McNutty

Captain Crash

Dash McFlash

Flurry in a Hurry

Buster Bow Wow

Paws McRockin’ who comes with the Zoomin Stage pack

and Ms. Daisy Star who comes with the Star Trailer pack

Have a look at the video below to see our little Senorita in action :)

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