General Grievous Lightsaber

Well my son is still Star Wars obsessed at the moment, and with his birthday fast approaching I’ve been giving some thought as to what gifts to get him and I’m sure Star Wars and the Clone Wars will feature pretty highly on the list.

He’s already asked me to make a Lego Star Wars cake with every character there is featured on it, how I’m going to achieve this I don’t know.

We went to a local hospice summer fate yesterday and saw some members of the 51st Garrison dressed as a Stormtrooper and an Imperial Gunner. They absolutely made his day, and I think that they do great work for charity.Just wanted to mention them as they were so brilliant with Thomas.

Back to the birthday conundrum, One item I’ve been looking closely at is the new General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsaber.

General Grievous is one of Thomas’ favourite characters, probably because he’s got 4 lightsabres which is kind of cool. Although this new lightsaber has some interesting new features, like the ability to spin the lightsabres round as in the film, it’s only two not 4.

I think Thomas would probably be let down by that, so I would just introduce it as a new lightsabre and he would be stoked anyway.

I like the way you can customise it by taking the lightsaber off, and playing with a friend. Or you can take the spinning blade out of the middle and clip them both together to make a Darth Maul double lightsaber. The lights and sounds are very realistic, even the clunky sound as it spins round is true to the film.

At the moment he only has the very basic of lightsabers, no lights or sounds. It’s a good toy which has stood up to a lot of abuse, but I know he would love this lightsaber (and it would also save him losing his voice from making swooshing noises all day)

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