Geoffrey’s back at Toys R Us!

Geoffrey’s back at Toys R Us and the nation breathes a huge nostalgic sigh of relief.

It’s about time too! I’ve been wondering for years what happened to Geoffrey, how could they just abandon someone who played such a big part in my childhood. Every November without fail Geoffrey popped up on our screens with a new range of top toys to whet our appetite, just in time to sneak them onto the Christmas list whilst mum wasn’t looking.

Then all of a sudden Geoffrey disappeared and we ended up with just another boring rotund Father Christmas telling us what we want for Xmas, we are ones supposed to be telling you – Back Off Santa! It made Father Christmas seem more like a penny pinching Scrooge  telling us of all the savings he could make, I didn’t mind Geoffrey telling me the prices – he worked there!!

Anyway rant over, Geoffrey’s back and all is forgiven. He’s even got a brand new website, so everyone can while away some time wallowing in the greatness of toy nostalgia (yum my favourite). Check out old TV adverts, top toys from bygone years and relive the joy of  brightening up a dull Saturday by finding the full page TRU newspaper advert.

Also of interest are some pictures of the absolutely awesome Times square store, the largest toy store in the world. If you haven’t heard about or seen this place you NEED to take a look at those pictures, it’s just amazing. It’s even got a 60ft Ferris wheel slap bang in the middle of the store, the cars travelling around it are all toy related. There’s the Cosy Coupe, monopoly car, even a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. I would absolutely love to go to and take a look around, believe me I would spend an entire weekend just in this store……one day!

There is also a compettiton to win a £250 Toys R Us gift card. All you need to do is get the kids involved by getting them to colour in some print out Geoffery masks, then just take a picture and post it on Geoffrey’s Facebook page. Simples.

And fear not Geoffrey fan’s the website states that the new Toys R Us Christmas advert is due to be shown from the 18th of November and he says it’s going to be special, so here’s hoping we see Geoffrey back where he belongs telling the nations kids what they want for Christmas.

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