Girl Tech Sugar Cubes


I don’t get the chance to play with any girly things in my house, it being full of boy’s.

However if I did ever have a little girl I’m sure she would be crying out for these Sugar Cubes, and I’d be only to willing buy some just to play around with them myself.

The Sugar Cubes or digital charms are akin to miniature televisions, and you use them along with beads to make snazzy techno jewellery.

There are 4 sets available Mood, Character, Alphabet and Icon and each set is available as a single or party pack. The party pack gives you 3 digital charms, 2 necklaces and over 50 beads and accessories .

 Each pack gives you a different set of icons on your Sugar Cubes, from Letters in the Alphabet set, to different faces on the mood version.  

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The icons on the mini screens remind me of emoticons and also the small animations you used to get on the old Tamagotchi. The animations change with movement or when you press a small button on them. If not used for 5 minutes they automatically go to sleep to save battery.

There are over 75 animations to be found on every Charm, which means your little princess will be able to add a real touch of individuality to her jewellery. 

You can also make mobile phone fobs and charms for hanging on your bags as well, these sets are really versatile.

Girls will love making, wearing and watching their own jewellery. I think this is sure to be a big hit in the tween fashion stakes.

Toys R Us are currently running a promotion until the 4th of May, which gives you a free single pack of Sugar Cubes when you purchase a Party Pack. Great value for money!

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