Go Go Pets

Please Hubby if your reading this, please please buy me a Mr Squiggles Hamster for Christmas! I’ve just fallen in love with him, he’s much too cute for the kids. He’s just for Me,Me,ME!

Forgive me for getting a bit carried away but these furry balls of love are just soooo cute, especially Mr Squiggles, his cute little squeaks.

I think that Go Go Pet hamsters are one of the best ideas ever. You get the joy of loving and caring for a little pet, and none of the smelly dirty stuff.

All of the accessories that you can get for your pampered pets are amazing too. You can make your furry friends happy with some conventional Hamster toys like a Hamster ball and Wheel, or you can go for the outrageous gifts of Car and surf board. Seeing that little toy hamster driving round in the car is hilarious.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.

One of my favourite extras is the accessory pack which is a carrying bag and blanket. Your little girl will feel just like Paris Hilton carrying their beloved pet around in it’s bowling style carry bag, and wrapping it up tightly in it’s blanket.

For me Go Go pet’s are great for both boy’s and girls, the boys will love all the funny tricks they do like skateboarding and the girls will just love taking care of them and giving them a good home.

So please Hubby..Santa…Anyone, please can I have a Mr Squiggles for Christmas.

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