Gogo’s Crazy Bones Board Game

Well I just knew we hadn’t heard the last of those Crazy Bones, but this time there moving out of the playground and heading for your living room.

Now us parents get to play a part in the Gogo’s Crazy Bones phenomenon, that until now has been the reserve of school kids up and down the country.

From the looks of it, the Gogo’s Crazy Bones board game seems relitavely simple, but as with most things that probably makes it all the more addictive.

The basic premise is to choose your home colour , and then travel around the board trying to capture the other 3 home squares.  You will encounter battles along your way, which will involve the rolling of dice and either adding or subtracting the number from your Gogo’s card.

You can either play as a normal game without using Gogo’s characters, or you can play for keeps by placing your Gogo’s on top of the cards.

The game comes with 500 Gogo’s cards, so I presume all 4 series of Gogo’s are included but I’m not sure. There isn’t much information about the game out there at the moment, it seems to be a bit shrouded in mystery. It’s due for release on 01 October, and so after that I’ll be able to write a more indepth review.

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I predict that this will be a massive seller this Xmas, as kid’s just seem to have an insatiable appitite for all things Crazy Bones at the minute. I can see this game really bringing all the family together around the room after the Christmas Dinner, so if you ever wanted to see what Gran would be like playing Gogo’s here’s your chance.

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