Gogo’s Crazy Bones Superstars

New school year, New set of Gogo’s Crazy bones!

The Gogo’s Crazy Bones Superstars are reproductions of the 80 most wanted and famous Gogo’s, plus the 4 most sought after Gogos from the first four series. Just to differentiate themselves from the originals (or the cynic in me says to sell more) they are all decked out in a special Fuzzy or Metal paint effects.

As with the other series there is a sticker album to accompany the series. As well as profiles on all of the Superstars, info on all the go go’s from series 1 through to 4 is included, plus a game guide to get you ready and prepped for all of those tough playground battles.

Each packet contains 2 Gogo’s, 2 Stickers for your album and 1 Gogo’s cube. ┬áThe Gogo’s cubes are similar to the cubes which came with the Gogo’s Mega Metropolis series. They are little storage cubes which clip together, to help you stack and arrange your go go’s collection.

Gogo’s fans can also look forward to a new Gogo’s Crazy Bones comic which is being released by Titan Magazines. The first issue is out 9th September, and comes with a special collectors tin and a Superstar Gogo to start off your collection.

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