Gyro-Botz – Review

This Half Term we all been having a whale of a time  with the new Gyro-Botz Battle Arena and figures we were sent to review from our friends at Vivid Imaginations.

The Gyro-Botz are a bunch of 12 highly individual figures with whom the kids can play and enjoy in 3 different ways. Either battling, bouncing or performing tricks with them.

Each Gyro-Bot contains an internal gyro, which you activate by either revving the Gyro-Bot on its head, or sending it spinning by pulling the ripcord.

The boys and I have had some great fun playing with our Gyro-Botz in the Battle Arena. We’ve obviously playing the main battling game, pitting our Gyro-Botz against each other, but we’ve also been making up some games of our own.

Jacob’s favourite game of ours is the Gyro-Bots dance off’s, Taking it in turns we set our Gyro-Botz spinning and then decide which one displayed the best moves.

We also have the longest spin competitions, where we count whose Gyro-Bot can spin for the longest time. We all get involved counting and cheering our Gyro-Bot on, and it’s not only fun but is really helping jacob which his number skills.

The boys love their Gyro-Botz and we’ve all had so many laughs playing with them. They are both saving up for some more now, the designs are just so individual and unique, they just love the art style and attitude of the Gyro-Botz range.

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Toxic Magazine are running a brilliant Gyro-Botz competition at the moment, with the chance to win some great Gyro-Botz prizes of your own. All you need to do is head on over to the Toxic Magazine website and click on the Gyro-Botz button at the top of the page.

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