Halloween Fun With Frankenweenie and Tinker Bell

If you’re looking to fill today with a bit of Halloween fun, Disney have sent me some great Halloween activity sheets to get you and the whole family in the spooky spirit.

Firstly we have some brilliant Halloween party ideas from Tinker Bell and The Secret of The Wings.

How about some yummy carrot cakes for your party? or a pair of sparkly wings? or even a carved Tinker Bell Pumpkin?

The instructions for all of these fun ideas can be found on this Tinkerbell Activity Pack.

Tinkerbell Activity Pack

Pumpkin carving may look unachievable impressive, but with a good template it’s actually deceivingly easy. These templates are all simply cut out the copied imaged, none of the shaving involved in shading images, which can be a bit tricky.

Heres another simple pumpkin carving template from Disney’s Frankenweenie. This Spooky Sparky Pumpkin will make an awesome¬†focal point for your Halloween¬†party table display.

They would go great with the Frankenweenie Halloween Masks I posted a few weeks ago, here’s another link to those just so you don’t have to hunt them down:

Frankenweenie Character Masks Instructions

Frankenweenie Sparky Mask

Frankenweenie Victor Mask

Frankenweenie Elsa Mask

Frankenweenie Weird Girl Mask

As a special Halloween treat, here’s a video of Sparky from Frankenweenie enjoying some freaky Halloween hijinks. Enjoy!

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